Couture jeweler Martin Katz recently unveiled the bridal ring collection along with a marvelous ‘Palace Engagement Ring’ that features a 5.17ct diamond ring set in Platinum informed by Manhattan’s skyline. The New York Palace hotel added some glamour by rolling out two luxurious packages to celebrate Martin Katz’s new jewels.

Palace Engagement Ring
Palace Engagement Ring

We are in love with this glittering concept and here’s why.

When you buy a Martin Katz engagement ring ($50,000-$100,000), you are entitled to The New York Palace hotel’s Ultimate Proposal package, which includes a two-night stay in one of the majestic Corner Suites. Now, if you decide to make things more lavish and throw in some more sparkle, buy a ring valued at over -$100,000. Then, you get to stay over in the Jewel Suite designed by the jeweler himself, surrounded by sparkling jewels and a waterfall of diamond snowflakes.

The New York Palace - Jewel Suite

Other add-ons include a seven-course dinner for two dreamed up by the hotel’s executive chef, couple’s massage at the spa, dedicated ‘proposal consultant’ who will make life easier by looking into all the teeny-tiny details of the proposal. This is what you’d get, should you choose to pop the question with the Ultimate Proposal package. There’re some more lovely aspects to the package.

Throw in an additional $35,000 and you can host your fairy tale wedding at the Mansion on Madison with a cocktail reception for 85 guests, a deliciously beautiful wedding cake baked by Ron Baker Israel and a three-course dinner, including champagne and canapés. The bar service is inclusive of the package.


We decided to catch up with Martin Katz and find out more about the ‘Palace Engagement Ring’ and the splendid Jewel Suite in The New York Palace.

Martin Katz Jeweler

What is it about the Manhattan skyline that prompted you to design the ‘Palace Engagement Ring’?

MK: I love looking at the shapes of the windows and Deco motifs of the buildings around Manhattan. The vantage point from the 55th floor of the Martin Katz Jewel Suite, The New York Palace, is an awe-inspiring sight. I wanted to mix together some geometric shapes and deco styles that captured my attention in the skyline.

The New York Palace Hotel

How did you end up working on this project and how does the Jewel Suite reflect your signature style?

MK: When the New York Palace underwent its $150mm renovation and relaunch, part of their plan was to build luxury suite in concert with a luxury brand. Fortunately for me, I was chosen over a couple international brands to design the triplex suite. Their originally idea was a Diamond Suite but I changed it to a Jewel Suite so I could incorporate some of my favorite jewel tone colors. This allowed me greater creative latitude to make the suite visually luscious and rich.

The New York Palace - Jewel Suite

What are the bespoke design elements you envisioned for the suite?            

MK: Within the suite, I created the artwork that hangs throughout. Most are based on my drawings from which I have made glass murals that hang in the dining room and 3rd floor rec room. There are artistic photographs of rings and framed original drawings as well. I chose all the books in the suite, which reflect my passion of fine wine, architecture, cars, fashion and NY history.  We are now in the process of designing the china for the suite. Finally and perhaps most importantly, I designed five floating jewel box cases that hang in the foyer of the suite and always contain over $1m jewels in them. Any guest of the suite will ‘live’ with the jewels, while they occupy the suite, although only to look at—not to wear them.

The New York Palace Jewel Suite

Tell us about the gorgeous waterfall chandelier and a few of the delightful aspects of the suite.

MK: The waterfall of diamond snowflakes hangs from a 20ft ceiling and cascades all the way to the black granite floor. There is diamond sparkling grout dividing each piece of granite stone, which is cut into a diamond facet pattern design.  The walls of the entry and powder rooms are covered with small glass droplet beads to look as if the walls are covered in diamonds. The black lacquer grand piano sits prominently in the corner of the room with the window, looking out to the Empire State Building.

The New York Palace Jewel Suite

How did the view of the skyline enrich the color palette in the room?

MK: When you stare at the NY skyline, you will be amazed of how many colors and shapes jump out at you. Matching the ‘metropolis’ feeling of design with the rich color of NYC was a great inspiration for me and one that was reinforced every time I was in the suite to again stare out the windows and vision the perfect decor and range of colors to compliment the view.

The New York Palace Jewel SuiteMore details on ​the Palace Engagement Ring- 5.17 Carre Diamond Ring set in Platinum accented with a 0.94 Carre & 0.98 Carre Side Diamonds; 14 carre diamond channel set weighing 0.56cts and micro set with 122 diamonds weighing 0.27cts