What caught our eye amidst Chopard’s precious bestiary is a delightful hedgehog. Part of the Animal World collection, this hedgehog is a bejewelled beauty, in 18k white gold, with an armour of moonstone quills that sparkles on its tiny, diamond-encrusted body.

This little hedgehog shyly shields a ‘secret.’ Prise open its spiky back and you’ll see an adorable baby hedgehog, holding a diamond dial in its paw. How could you not fall in love with it? We sure did.

Animal World Hedgehog watch 1 white

Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director, Caroline Scheufele, has dreamed up a watch that is ever so beautiful. This Haute Joaillerie showcases the skill of the craftsmen, who cut the delicate moonstone into tiny spikes of varying lengths and studded the hedgehog’s spherical body with it.

The head, entirely set in diamonds, is embellished with two little sapphires that hold your gaze with a striking radiance, while its mischievous snout gently glitters with brown sapphires.

The ‘secret’ timepieces are reminiscent of an era when you had to check time by discreetly peeking at the dial. This hedgehog watch is meant to help you forget about the passing of time and marks the last chapter in Chopard’s poetic exploration of its Animal World.

To see more of Chopard’s wondrous timepieces, visit their website.