Golfers around the world are feeling the De Chambeau Effect. Some of the Mad Scientist’s fans have started floating their balls in Epson salts baths to see if their center of gravity is in the right place.

Others have followed his lead and started weight training and consuming 3500 calories and at least seven protein drinks a day. Some may have also started giving their golf clubs names and signing their names backward. Left-handed.

While others are eyeing up a set of King Forged Tec One Length 37.5” irons, 5.5-degree Cobra King Speedzone driver, and 14-degree planks of wood and Jumbo Max golf grips, all fitting nicely into a fetching very limited edition Par & Stripes Vessel golf bag.

Most of us forget about the one plane swing and don’t concern ourselves much with “the coefficient to the restitution of the flagstick”, “zero shifting motion” or “vector putting” but, in the hope of looking like if not playing like the 2020 US Open champion at Winged Foot and a young golfing phenom who hits the balls 320 yards off the tee and has won over $20m on the PGA Tour, we settle instead for wearing the sort of clothes B.A.D (Bryson Aldrich DeChambeau) does.

This means dapper Hogan flat driver caps and baseball caps (on non-tournament days), Puma Golf Ignite PWRAdapt caged golf shoes, tailored Jackpot pants with reversible web belt, Lions, Cloudspun Caddie Strip, Solarized Camo Pattern Road Map, and azalea pattern golf polo shirts. As well as Bridgestone Cabretta leather and mesh golf Tour B Fit glove and Tour BX golf ball.

Then we are all ready to step out of the clubhouse breathing in a way that will help get our brain into a parasympathetic state instead of a sympathetic state and know we have done all we can do – apparel-wise-  to calm our brainwaves down. Just like Bryson.