A good pair of shoes is an investment – take care of them and they’ll last you a lifetime. It’s impossible to beat the art of good craftsmanship, and some brands just do it better. 

Nothing completes an outfit like fashion-forward footwear, so it’s worth looking for luxury when you shop.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are our top ten shoe brands that belong in every man’s wardrobe if he wants to dress to impress, and remember that if you decide to use your level shoe code, you can save a lot of money

Barker Shoes, men shoe brands
courtesy of Baker


Founded in Earls Court, Barker has been producing stylish, handcrafted shoes since 1880. The company’s endurance can be attributed to the enduring quality of its shoes, which are built to last, so your pair will be an investment in your future style and comfort.

Tricker's, men shoe brands
courtesy of Tricker’s


Tricker’s have been manufacturing footwear for almost 200 years. Established in Northampton in 1829, the brand is still run by the Tricker family today. The tried and tested methods and commitment to quality have been passed down the Tricker generations, making their shoes a must-have for any fine footwear connoisseur.  

Crockett & Jones, men shoe brand
courtesy of Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones

Another Northamptonshire native, Crockett & Jones has been producing fine footwear for generations. So synonymous with English style, Crockett & Jones even supplied 007’s shoes in Skyfall. They even have a James Bond range so you can start living the life of the secret agent himself. 

Draper of Glastonbury, men shoe brands
courtesy of Draper of Glastonbury

Draper of Glastonbury 

As the name indicates, Draper of Glastonbury was founded in Glastonbury by the Draper family. Like the name, they keep things simple, specializing in traditional footwear that will suit any outfit. 

Sanders, men shoe brand
courtesy of Sanders


Sanders Shoemakers have been making high-quality, hard-wearing shoes since 1873. In fact, the Sanders name was so trusted that during the First World War, they manufactured 6000 boots every week in order to meet the needs of military uniforms. 

Carmina, men shoe brand
courtesy of Carmina


This time hailing from Spain, Carmina is another shoemaking legacy still run by the same family. Their shoes are expertly manufactured with a unique look that will be sure to add some intrigue to your wardrobe. 

Tom Ford, men shoe brand
courtesy of Tom Ford

Tom Ford

One of America’s best-known fashion designers, the Tom Ford brand began in just 2005 and has seen a meteoric rise in the world of luxury fashion. And despite its more recent beginnings, Tom Ford shoes are a must for any gentleman’s wardrobe. 

Christian Louboutin, men shoe brand
courtesy of Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin 

Another contemporary addition to the list, despite being such cornerstone of luxury footwear, Christian Louboutin was only founded in 1990. Although best known for the red-soled high heels, Louboutin’s male range will leave any man looking devilishly stylish.

Manolo Blahnik, men shoe brand
courtesy of Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik 

Manolo Blahnik was founded in 1970, and each shoe is still designed by Blahnik himself. This elegant brand will add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any wardrobe. 

Church's, men shoe brand
courtesy of Church’s


Like many luxury footwear brands in Britain, Church’s was also established in Northampton and has seen growing popularity and international expansion, allowing customers all over the world to enjoy this luxury craftsmanship. 

Getting your feet into these shoes is easy, and even simpler when you can find almost all of these brands in one place with trusted stockists like Pediwear, while others have their own retail outlets in most major cities. Make a shopping day of it and kit out your closet with these splendid shoes.

Does your wardrobe carry any of these brands? Tell us about your fabulous footwear in the comments below!