The luxury Indian handbag brand, Aranyani, has recreated the atelier for the 21st century with its line of exquisite styles. When Haresh Mirpuri, Founder and Creative Director of Aranyani was first developing the brand he started with his vision of a modern atelier. Inspired by the ateliers of great fashion and luxury brands of Europe as well as the original Indian ateliers which were called Kiranas, Haresh created Aranyani’s modern atelier. To ensure Aranyani’s bags meet the highest international standards, Mirpuri created Aranyani’s atelier, where all the bags are handcrafted.

Aranyani handbag

The Indian Kirana system began hundreds of years ago and continues today. They are the small, family-run shops that served the community for centuries and have survived into the 21st century. The principles of the Kirana were embraced in Europe and inspired some of the fashion houses to initially create their ateliers. Aranyani’s state-of-the-art atelier takes its inspiration from the Indian Kirana, as well as the ateliers of the great European Houses.

Aranyani luxury handbag

“I created Aranyani to bring the beauty of India and its rich history of luxury along with the refined craftsmanship of India to the world…in the form of exquisite handbags. The atelier has given us the opportunity to achieve this goal. Our highly skilled craftsmen and women create some of the most beautiful handbags in the world in our atelier. To me, this is true luxury-being able to work and create beauty together with a team of your peers.”

Aranyani luxury handbag

Aranyani trains educate and house all atelier staff members and their families. Ensuring that everyone is treated with the same respect and afforded equal opportunities no matter their position, Aranyani’s atelier provides an inspiring, enriching environment for their artisans to collaborate and create. Each exquisitely crafted handbag is the collective result of their inspiration, talents, and dedicated craftsmanship.