We absolutely love the concept from luxury handbag label, Dizaind, who allow you to design your own bag! Perfect for women who have a true sense of style and know exactly what they want, Dizaind offer a range of handbag shapes that can be completely customized from materials to colors, leaving you with a gorgeous and truly unique bag that will surely turn heads!

Dizaind Handbags

Tell us about the Dizaind brand…

DIZAIND is a contemporary, bespoke fashion brand created by Swiss start-up Pistol Star Group. It is a modern, bag brand that is defined by its state of the art 3D proprietary design tool (software) and its passion for beautiful custom-made, handbags.

DIZAIND, pronounced: designed, provides the shopper the ability to edit and design on demand! Each bag is personalized by the online shopper and is individually handcrafted to precision quality. The customer can select from 7 essential models: handbag, clutch, tote, backpack, shoulderbag, travel and sport bags. The mixing of colors and hardware for each bag result in over 10,000 possible gorgeous style combinations and provides for the versatility of a unique, custom-made design.

Dizaind Handbags

Discerning customers can either create their own chic bag from scratch or select from the sophisticated silhouettes in the gallery. Delivery time is approximately 4 weeks from the time order is placed. DIZAIND bags are exclusively available to order on DIZAIND website https://www.dizaindbags.com/

How did it start and when did you spot a gap in the market for this customisation?

There are so many brands, goods which are mass produced and look identical, so we wanted to create opportunity for people who want to differentiate themselves through customization, create their own style and stand out from the crowd. It started from solving the problem where you find clothes or accessories you like, but you wish you could have an “edit” button to change color or add a pocket. So, we did just that! We wanted to make it easy for people to design their own bags….Everyone has different preferences and came up with the DIZAIND concept.

Dizaind Handbags

We went into bags because I am very passionate about bags. I think the process of designing your own bag is an art and I can never have too much art! Bags are accessories that accentuate your style and enhance your look. There are many different, bag brands but we are confident DIZAIND can do better and provide a sophisticated design collection and a seamless shopping experience. Uniquely, we offer customers luxury quality at affordable prices.

Our goal is to create your perfect bag. Heads will turn when passers by guess the brand, and you know it’s yours and, perhaps, you are the only one in the world with this handbag!

Dizaind Handbags

Who is the Dizaind customer?

DIZAIND addresses the challenges faced by women that seek to change a little bit here and there for their “perfect” bag! The embodiment of the modern woman on the go that covets all her mind can desire. The woman who has her own style and flare for design. The woman who wants to stand out from the crowd!

Our customers can afford to pay above average price for DIZAIND bags. However, taking into account our quality standard, it is attainable luxury in comparison to other premium brands.

Dizaind Handbags

Do you have a favorite bag?

It would be very hard to choose as we have so many wonderful models, but if I must pick one it would be Julia bag. It’s a gorgeous silhouette. The bag can be used as backpack, shoulder bag or even cross-body. It’s a stylish and convenient carry-all and easily transitions from office to cocktails. Adding a few DIZAIND accessories like a tassel on the chain, all leather double tassels or adjustable luxe chain straps can transform your design from classic to a modern chic design.

Where are the materials sourced?

Our grain leather materials are sourced from USA and nappa from Asia. We use only the finest top grain and luxurious leathers, as well as magnificent suedes, leather and canvas choices for the interior.

Dizaind Handbags

Do you have any plans to branch out into other accessories?

As the brand we stand for promoting personal style and creativity in a way people dress. We believe that other accessories like belts and shoes, could complement our bags and broaden customization and personal style options for our customers. Wouldn’t it be nice to match colors and style of your bag with shoes and other accessories? So, yes we are looking into different options like belts, or perhaps glass frames, where we could leverage our technology and sourcing capabilities.

What are your plans for 2016?

We will expand our collection by introducing new bag models in smaller clutch, handbags, and hobo bags categories. We also plan to add new colors and materials. Actually, we are quite interested to introduce non-leather vegan materials.

We are reviewing new technology and continue in our quest to disrupt the fashion industry. For example we are quite excited about leather printing technology, which would enhance customization options even further. Stay tuned for DIZAIND’s seamless integration of modern, attainable luxury and handbag personalization.

Visit their website here: www.dizaindbags.com