Fashion Week Inspired A Fresh Bout Of Shopping?!  But Where To Store It All? Imagine your own virtual wardrobe, digitally accessible 24/7. Clean, organized, perfect. Your favorite looks, travel bags, and wish lists, all in one place, ready to be seamlessly delivered to you anywhere in the world with a butler-style service. Whether you’re a jet-set business traveller looking to take the hassle out of packing for trips or a collector of haut couture looking to keep your collection in pristine condition, Vault Couture offers a tailored solution to your wardrobe needs.

Vault Couture has discreetly been serving as a storage solution for space-starved and time-pressed international jet setters since 2012. Vault takes the concept of a walk-in wardrobe to a whole new digital level, with endless closet space, luggage-free travel, your garments edited and styled to make you look your best wherever and whenever. Each of your precious pieces is professionally photographed, catalogued, and securely stored in a climate controlled, museum-quality environment, always just a mouse click away.vault

At their headquarters nestled within Central London, a team of men and women in white lab coats have exclusive access to what may be the world’s premiere walk-in closet. Vault Couture will professionally photograph each piece in your collection, recording every seam and stitch, creating a virtual wardrobe for you to access. Your garments are then stored in a climate-controlled, air-purified facility in Central London.  Expert tailors and seamstresses are on hand for any and all repairs and alterations your clothes may require. Should you wish, one of our expert stylists will be on  hand to give you a fresh perspective on your wardrobe. Vault Couture will facilitate efficient delivery of your pieces wherever and whenever you need them.

A million things to organize in the workplace and at home? Don’t let your wardrobe become one of them.  Vault Couture offers the busy city man or woman a hands-free wardrobe management service, to taking the stress out of office dressing by digitally cataloguing and maintaining your wardrobe, with access to your favourite looks 24/7 online on a net-a porter style interface ready to be seamlessly delivered to any office or hotel worldwide for hands free travel or simply as a daily office service to take the hassle out of what to wear.  Make sure your employees are dressed to impress at all times with our business package available to staff for hands free travel and wardrobe management, business package deals on request.  Conference in Cairo? Board-meeting in Budapest?  What you need, we deliver!  For more information,