Paravel wants its customers to join them on a transformative journey towards a more sustainable world. And for this, if you need stylish luggage, cue the oh-so-stylish The Aviator100 Collection.

At the heart of this travel-inspired brand is sustainability, and it’s been that way since the brand was first launched in 2016, after all, it designed and produced the world’s first carbon-neutral suitcase. The brand has grown in popularity worldwide, and its sustainable approach continues, as Paravel uses upcycled and recycled materials in 100% of its products.

The Aviator100 Travel bag

Fully committed to building a sustainable future, Paravel luggage last too, making use of the highest quality recycled materials, so customers buy once, and buy well.

As the name suggests — with the Aviator100 series, Paravel offers a set of premium luggage that dons a 100% recycled polycarbonate shell composed solely of recycled materials — this is an unparalleled feat, not to mention a first in the world of luxury travel goods.

The Aviator100 Travel bag

Here, the brand has solely used recycled water cooler jugs in the process — 9 tons (18,000lbs) of them to be precise, which have been broken down, cleaned, and transformed into pellets before being pressed into sheets to form the two halves of the suitcase. No other materials were used or added, and it gets better as every Aviator100 retains the natural color of the water cooler jugs due to the purity of the material, with slight variations making each piece unique.

Furthermore, the limited-edition collection also dons recycled aluminum handles, recycled zippers, vegan leather details, and water-resistant lining made from 15 recycled plastic bottles.

The Aviator100 Travel bag

Evolving the line further, we see the Denim Aviator100, which features upcycled deadstock denim details, adding a cool, contemporary touch, and coordinates perfectly with the Glacial Blue cases.

Deadstock denim is quality leftover fabric and often ends up in a landfill, but Paravel has put excellent use to it, sourcing excess material from garment shops in New York City and has upcycled the denim to create durable trims and handle details.

For Earth Month and beyond, The Aviator100 Collection is available exclusively at read about the Paravel’s commitment to sustainability here.