From the super private and quintessential gaming rooms found in London’s Mayfair, the iconic luxury seen in Monte Carlo to the debauchery of ever-favorite Las Vegas, here in this short article, we will briefly go over the 5 of the most luxurious gambling destinations of the world.

Monte Carlo

Widely considered as the epitome of extravagance and elegance, Monte Carlo is a world apart when it comes to gambling destinations. A section of this ultra-posh principality is known to be the go-to place for every sophisticated gambler out there.

Monte Carlo oozes opulence and is the place where you will find high rollers willing to go beyond and spend millions of dollars on casino games. Famous for the elegant interiors and luxury it offers, the casinos here have earned the reputation of being big stakes gambling platforms over the years. It’s also the reason why it proved to be just the right setting for Casino Royale, the first novel in the James Bond series.

Las Vegas

While it might be perceived as extravagant and brash, Las Vegas has more number of casinos than anyone could ever dream of. Not just that, they are bigger, superior, and far more ostentatious compared to any other casino destination in the world. If you love casino gambling, then Las Vegas is a must-have destination on your bucket list, not just to battle against high rollers but to experience a unique atmosphere.


Generally recognized for its iconic monuments and romantic atmosphere, Paris comes alive at night, with its rich and famous heading out for a night at the gambling tables. While many of them also indulge in online roulette at reputed gambling portals online, when it comes to off-line gambling, the city offers a good number of luxurious options such as Aviation Club de France and The Cercle Haussman.

singapore casino


There aren’t many cities in the world which can claim having been put on the map because of one of their hotels. But Singapore can. The city is home to Marina Bay Sands Hotel, a truly remarkable modern-day landmark. It is a known world over for its infinity pool, which sits atop Singapore’s skyline. The hotel also houses one of the finest casinos in the world. There are 500 gambling tables and 2300 slot machines that offer every type of top-rated gambling entertainment.


The iconic capital of England is far more popular for its banking industry than gambling. However, it does deserve its place as one of the most luxurious gambling cities in the world. While the Empire Casino situated in Leicester Square delivers a luxurious Vegas-type casino gaming action, Paddington’s Victoria Casino is worth a visit for any gambler who wants to play a hand or two in the lap of luxury. But it’s the West End’s Hippodrome Casino that is the favorite of a large number of gamblers. It offers three gaming floors, a steakhouse, Lola’s underground casino, and seven bars.