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Glamping has been a runaway success in recent years – initially fuelled by the pandemic, we’ve grown closer to open spaces and the ease of traveling to luxury tents or cabins mere hours from home. However, for seasoned glampers, it’s time to take this experience to the next level. 2022 is for glamping: elevated. So shift aside the standard itinerary, campground, and rental, and follow Upscale Living’s rules for a truly unforgettable glamp.

Glamping in 2022
A tiny house escape is just what the doctor ordered for the always-on. Courtesy of Getaway.

Disconnect Completely

You may be used to holiday tech staples such as TVs, Wi-Fi, and streaming, but have you considered completely unplugging? Getaway specializes in restorative stays for the always-on crowd. Cabins come with lockboxes, so you can stash away your devices and focus on what’s in front of you – the company, the food, the drink, the nature, and of course getting comfy in their adorable little cabins. Outposts can be found near all the big cities, from NYC to Chicago to Portland. For those with extra fidgety hands; books, games, and a fire pit are available to keep you occupied. Glamping with zero techs will change your life, we promise.

Use the Kitchen to Make Meals an Event

The beauty of Getaway and other glamping spots is that they come with hotel perks such as kitchens or kitchenettes, but most of us overlook using them in favor of quick and easy packaged meals. Make mealtime an event, and prep in yours. Why not change up your diet and go for meat-free alternatives that are easier to cook and have less risk of contamination. Our faves are Impossible for beef alternative, Daring for plant-based chicken, and of course, plant-based Safe + Fair snacks. If cooking still sounds a challenge, then at least swap the ready-meals for something a little more gourmet. Kitchen United MIX is the nation’s first multi-restaurant ordering to-go experience. So you can order baos for yourself, a burger for your partner, and tacos for the kids, all on one bill. Glamping should be a feast, not an instant mac & cheese situation.

Add Boutique Comforts

With glamping, you never know what you’re going to get. So bring all the boutique hotels to pamper favorites to ensure a luxe weekend. Robes, slippers, eyemasks, facemasks, and aromatherapy are obvious choices, but it’s the little touches that also count. Soho House members will recognize lush AMASS essentials such as soaps, lotions, and sanitizers, so bring and spread them around the bathroom like it’s a member’s club or spa. Indoors turn into a sanctuary from the outdoors.

Explore the Wilderness

In saying that. Do factor in ample time for nature. The goal for glamping elevated is to step out of our comfort zones. So if you’re not much of a swimmer, have a quick dip in the lake, and if you’re not much of a hiker then at least take a walk around the cabin grounds, which are usually covered in beautiful flora. Pro-tip, invest in good walking boots, such as Beckett Simonon, who make fine leather boots that are crafted with style and longevity in mind (at an affordable price point). These will suit walkers perfectly on the trail, especially the waterproof options, and then effortlessly dust off for a snazzy indoor Rendez-Vous.

Silver car. Glamping in 2022
Silver car’s all-Audi fleet takes the glamping trip to a fabulous luxe level. Courtesy of Silvercar.

Travel in Style

Car rental mayhem sure makes for an unsavory drive, so avoid the drama and rent the VIP way, via Silvercar by Audi. The premium rental solution’s fleet consists entirely of luxury Audi vehicles. Just hop on the app, choose your Audi, and you can even opt to have it delivered and picked up right from your home. It really is as simple as that. The seamless service is available all over the US (that’s 30 locations including Austin, Denver, Vegas, Miami, New York, Phoenix, and Seattle) and we cannot recommend it enough for vacations, especially glamping vacations which should be done in style.