When winter comes, people dream of different horizons. Some want to head to the mountains, for skiing holidays, while other dreams of lying on a beach, somewhere warm. In both cases, it is possible to enjoy this time off in luxury. Here are some of the most interesting winter vacations, for those who like to travel comfortably and in style.

The Ultimate Snow Holidays

There is only one place you can go if you want to spend the greatest holidays, playing in the snow, and that would be the French Alps. Actually, to be more precise, in Megève. This quaint little town is the height of elegance. Filled with exclusive boutiques and some of the best restaurants in this country, you will spend be best snow holidays of your life, in full luxury. And to make sure that it turns out perfectly, there is only one place to rent your chalet, and this is Fée Pour Vous. They own over 40 luxury chalets in this region of France, that can accommodate from eight to twenty-four persons.

They are filled with every feature that you may desire. You can watch the snow fall from the panoramic windows, while you relax in your indoor swimming pool, watch a movie in your own cinema, or exercise in a gym where you will find all the weights and cardio machines that you need. But the advantages of renting these chalets don’t stop at the property in itself. When you arrive at the location, you will be greeted by a butler, who will run the house for you, throughout your stay. He will also manage your meals, according to what you would like to eat, as he informs the chef of the house, who will prepare it all for you. In other words, you will have your own private space but filled with all the services that you could be provided with, inside a 5-star hotel. That includes a Conciergerie service, which will be able to book all your activities, while you stay at Fée Pour Vous.

The French Alps have always been a favorite of skiers, from everywhere in the world. Megève is located inside the Mont Blanc Evasion ski resort, which provides close to 450 kilometers of ski slopes, including 35 green ones, 53 blue, 71 red, and 24 black ones. This is simply a dream come true for the real fans of the sport, while also being a great opportunity for families and friends, as everyone can choose the slopes that are best for their own comfort level, on skis or snowboard. And those who don’t ski can still exercise by heading to the skating rink, or by learning how to play curling. Simply walking around the French Alps is a pleasure in itself and will bring everyone the breath of fresh air that they needed, away from the pollution of major cities around the world.

The Ultimate Sun Holidays

If you ask people who travel the world continuously, where they prefer to go for a holiday in the sun, you can almost be assured that you will find Thailand in their Top five destinations, if not in the number one spot. For those who only travel in luxury, there is no compromise to be made, when you visit this country. The 5-star hotels are aplenty, and they have nothing to envy other countries. But what really gets people to this amazing land, are the beaches. The décor is taken out of a James Bond movie, and the weather is simply exceptional. This might be the only problem. Since the cold days of winter coincide with beautiful weather there, you will probably find the coast quite crowded. But then, if you find the right accommodation, you probably won’t mind this, too much.

That is why we suggest you drop your luggage at Four Seasons Tented Camp, in the Golden Triangle. Not only will you be living in full luxury, but it will also be a unique experience. That is because this hotel doesn’t feature the usual rooms. It is built like a jungle outpost, with tents overlooking the grasslands, where you can watch elephants live their lives peacefully. That is because they were gathered there to be rehabilitated. This will definitely leave an unforgettable memory that you will carry in your mind and in your heart, for the rest of your life. 

But don’t be fooled. This life in tents is not your typical camping trip. Indeed, you won’t ever find a tent featuring a wooden hot tub, located on a balcony and using rainwater, pretty much anywhere else in the world. Nor will it ever be filled with wooden furniture and brass antiques. Not to mention a bed from which you can look at the Ruak River. In other words: Full luxury. Each tent has its own platform, for total privacy and intimacy. And in that respect, you will find yourself completely far away from the rest of the world, for a few days. To get to the Golden Triangle, you’ll need to hop on a domestic flight, from Bangkok to Chiang Rai, and then enjoy a countryside ride of 90 minutes. Spend a few days with the elephants, and then choose one of your favorite beaches to close the trip. 

The Ultimate Holidays at Sea

Those who enjoy their privacy, are often lured away from the land. For them, there is no better way to travel than on a yacht. Thankfully, they have a large choice of boats to choose from, these days. The destination will only be a plus, as what they look for is simply to enjoy a few moments at sea. Naturally, in wintertime, they will look for warmer climates. The Caribbean Sea is the best place to be, without a doubt. But in the end, the location may depend on where the yacht you chose is located. Here are four of the most exquisite yachts that you can rent.

The Phoenix 2 

At the top spot, you will find the Phoenix 2, on most lists. If you don’t mind cooler vacations, then it might just be the yacht for you, as it does stay in the Mediterranean Sea, all year long. It was built for billionaire Jan Kulczyk, and his main preoccupation was total comfort. So, you can be assured that there is nothing you will miss, while you are living on it. 

The O’Pari 

If what you want, is a taste of Ancient Civilizations, the O’Pari is awaiting you, as it tours Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Croatia all year long. This is the perfect party boat, as it is equipped with a DJ Booth and a beach club, filled with water toys. You can relax in a Jacuzzi, which provides you with a panoramic view of the sea. This expensive toy is also very new since it was launched in 2020.

The Excellence

For a real winter sun holiday, the Excellence will be your first choice. That is because it cruises the Caribbean Islands. You can invite all the guests that you want while keeping full privacy, thanks to the private owner’s deck. That is where the master suite is located. It has its own Jacuzzi and a stocked toy box, that you get to discover, only once you are on it.

Lady S

If the Pacific Ocean is what you are looking for, Lady S is the boat to call home, in wintertime. In the summer, she heads back to the Mediterranean Sea. If your idea of luxury is enjoying things that are unique, you will certainly appreciate having the only IMAX cinema that was ever built on a yacht. You can also try the ice plunge pool after you played a game of basketball with your friends on a real size court.

Chateau Life in Quebec Canada for Winter vacation

Living the Chateau Life in Canada

Although this is definitely a step lower than the previous suggestions, in terms of luxury, there is no doubt that it can be an enticing trip, in wintertime. After all, Canada is certainly known for its extremely cold weather, during that season. So, anyone wanting to enjoy winter sports can head there, with the insurance that there will be sufficient snow to play in the mountains, as well as in the cities. What we suggest, is that you hop from one Chateau to another, from East to West, thanks to Fairmont Hotels. They have gathered, all together, the most beautiful hotels in Canada, which are literally built like castles. Here is the course that we suggest.

Make Quebec City your first stop. Europeans that have never been to Canada before, won’t be disoriented when they first land in Quebec City. The Old Town is very similar to the ones you would find on the Old Continent, indeed. However, be advised that the weather there can get extremely cold. You will have to dress warmly and cover yourself from head to toe. In February, the Carnival is a big affair, that attracts a lot of people to the city. The Chateau Frontenac will be your first residence. It is really impressive, as it stands tall on the hill, facing the St. Lawrence River. A first stop that will certainly prepare you for the rest of your trip, at least in terms of weather.

The second stop will be the capital city of Canada: Ottawa. At the Chateau Laurier, you will find a much smaller version of the hotel in Quebec City. It is located downtown, close to Parliament Hill. The building where laws are written for this country is quite similar to the one in London, England. Sitting by the side of another river, you will be able to enjoy skating in nature, on the Rideau Canal, a wonderful experience that will leave great memories. Stop by the Byward Market for food and a few souvenirs.

To reach the next two ultimate destinations, you will need to take a long flight, all the way to the province of Alberta. Canada is a large country, and you will understand it, as you sit on this more than three-hour flight. But it is certainly worth its while. When you get to Calgary, a city in the middle of no man’s land, you will head outside of town to Lake Louise, where you will stay right in front of this masterpiece of nature, at the Chateau Lake Louise. You don’t need to stay more than one day, but it is certainly a place where you will take lots of pictures. Finally, your last stop will be Fairmont Banff Springs. Its exquisite interior will certainly match your expectations, especially the view of the woods or the mountains from most rooms (some have a courtyard view). Now, it is finally time to head to the mountains, for a little bit of skiing, before you head back home. 

French Polynesia Luxury Winter vacation

A Few Other Possibilities

We cannot end this article without thinking of two major cities, where spending the end of the year is simply a blast. They are also locations where there won’t be a lack of choice when it comes to luxury accommodations. Naturally, we are talking about New York City and London. New Year’s Eve in Times Square is something that everybody wishes to experience, once in their life, if only to say: “I was there.” London, on the other hand, is the place where you can find the best clubs to spend the last night and the first morning of the year. The music is always at its best, and Londoners are specialists at having lots of fun.

It would also be impossible not to mention Tahiti, in the French Polynesia. When you talk about luxury holidays in the sun, it is certainly one of the places that come to mind, first. However, you do have not to mind traveling on a plane, as it is far from the rest of the world. It also makes it the best place to get away from it all and regain your peace of mind. You can decide to stay on the ground, in such luxury resorts as the ones provided by Four Seasons, St. Regis, and Relais & Chateaux, or take a cruise around the island.