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El Vaquero Boots, the Birth of an Immortal Brand

Valerio Giuntoli, a brilliant designer and fashion consultant began El Vaquero, a company of custom-made Italian boots and women's footwear made with artisanal flair from revered Tuscany traditions of shoemaking. The designs have...

Askdeco adds warmth and color to its One Oak 3&4 B2 Residential Project

With a global portfolio of completed projects including luxurious homes, private yachts and commercial environments, Askdeco, a full-service design firm based in Lebanon, is proud to showcase its One Oak 3&4 B2 residential...

Enzoani Launches its 2018 Collection

Enzoani Launches its 2018 Collection Enzoani has unveiled its 2018 collection. The year’s new lines, which incorporates its main Enzoani  collection as well as Blue and Beautiful, display a wide range of designs...

Kristina Salmane

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