Cadillac has presented a slew of futuristic concepts at the CES 2022 which showcase what the future of motoring looks like. Cadillac says the future car would be autonomous and also fully connected with a raft of software-infused cabin details. InnerSpace also adds to the Halo Concept line-up of Cadillac while laying down the path of luxury in the years to come. 

Cadillac expands its vision of personal autonomous future mobili

“The vehicles of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio are designed to provide effortless travel through extraordinary means,” said Bryan Nesbitt, GM executive director, Global Advanced Design and Global Architecture Studio. “They are visions for the next decade and beyond, showing the possibilities enabled by General Motors’ comprehensive approach to autonomous drive technology with the goal of a world with zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion.”

Last year, the first of the two Halo concepts were shown while the InnerSpace is the third one. These concepts showcase how autonomous cars will change the way luxury travel would be looked at and how the passenger would be interacting with their cars.

Cadillac expands its vision of personal autonomous future mobili

A lot of that has to do with technology including biometric input and AI machine learning. Through software-defined features and advanced vehicle connectivity, the Cadillac Concept Halo Portfolio could offer each passenger a truly personalized experience made possible by GM’s Ultifi software platform. The InnerSpace features a panoramic SMD LED display which offers AI-driven biometric input and interfaces along with the ability to let the passengers select from Augmented Reality Engagement, Entertainment, and Wellness Recovery themes for their drive. Thanks to Ultifi, Cadillac engineers and authorized third parties will be able to innovate additional themes and features that can be added over the air.

Cadillac expands its vision of personal autonomous future mobili

The wireless battery management system also makes for a low floor and brings in a sports car-like seating position. The design is low and very futuristic with large swathes of glass all over the exterior. In fact, there is panoramic glass on the roof and part of the body sides while the roof opens with the doors for more comfortable entry and egress, and the seats also pivot outward when the doors are opened. Even the tires are bespoke as being made by Goodyear, they feature SoundComfort technology designed to help mitigate soundwave resonance within the tire for a quiet ride, while soybean oil and rice husk-based silica replace petroleum-based oil as a key ingredient in their construction. 

Cadillac expands its vision of personal autonomous future mobility with the InnerSpace concept — a dramatic, two-passenger electric and autonomous luxury vehicle.

Overall, this luxury two-seater has a soothing lounge-like cabin and removes any distraction from peerless mobility- something which surely points to a far more ‘relaxing’ future for car buyers!