The Merchants Steak & Grill Restaurant, True Fine Dining Experience in Palma 

The best players in the hospitality industry have many ways to attract and pamper their clientele, providing vivid experiences and lasting memories. But when you can find a delightful location, artful exterior, sophisticated interior, and creative, innovative menu in the same establishment, it predictably becomes a beacon for connoisseurs of excellence and luxury industry experts. Such is the case with The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palma from Five Senses Collection, a restaurant that enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a place where every night becomes a celebration of a luxurious dining experience. In 2022, The Merchants – Steak & Grill Restaurant was named winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards for the second consecutive year in the category of Best Luxury Steakhouse in Spain. 

Team at The Merchants Steak & Grill
Team at The Merchants Steak & Grill Palma

The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palma is owned by Five Senses Hospitality, a company that has already demonstrated an unconventional and effective approach to creating and developing food & beverage concepts on examples of other prominent facilities such as KOH Palma, Beatnik Palma, Wineing, and others. In developing the concept for the restaurant, Edgar Lagassi, Founder & CEO at Five Senses Hospitality took a classic steakhouse but reinterpreted it, resulting in a sophisticated establishment with an eclectic menu that harmoniously combines different types of dishes for families and companies with different taste preferences. Together with his partners, Andrius Kulbokas and Mariusz Szymecki, they created a unique self-styled New York-style steakhouse in Palma serving some seriously gourmet meat and surf & turf dishes. 


The restaurant is located in La Lonja, a central area of Palma where merchants have long come to buy and sell goods. Here, within the walls of the majestic five-star hotel Palacio Can Marques, is The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palma. The stunning 18th-century architecture of the building is an attraction in itself, but what makes the restaurant particularly charming is its charming interior, designed by the Mallorcan designer Aggi Bruch. The stone arches, cozy niches create, and comfortable armchairs create a pleasant romantic atmosphere that gains particular charm in the evening. 

Palacio Can Marques Patio - The Merchants Steak & Grill
Palacio Can Marques Patio

Guests can also take a seat in the antique patio, finding refreshment in the shade of palms, fig trees, and cherry trees. Or head up to the spacious rooftop terrace, which offers spectacular views of Palma and one of its main attractions, the Cathedrale La Seu. 

Palacio Can Marques Roof - The Merchants Steak & Grill
Palacio Can Marques Roof

The menu is an unusual collection of dishes that offers an innovative approach to the steakhouse experience. It is based on gourmet meat and surf & turf dishes, and the steak and seafood side dish will be the dining highlight of your evening. The impressive reinterpretation of well-known dishes gives a new and even adventurous feel to the familiar flavors. 

The Merchants Steak & Grill Dish #3

Paying homage to The Merchants – Steak & Grill location in Palma, the menu offers a wide variety of seafood dishes. Each of them is a vivid embodiment of the chef’s creative imagination. But with all the variety of offerings, one thing is constant – you can’t help but appreciate how carefully the meat and seafood are chosen and cooked. Inventive salads and vegan dishes have a chance to please even those gourmets who are far from vegetarianism. And if you want to get to know Mallorca even better, or rather taste Mallorca as interpreted by The Merchants’ chef, don’t deny yourself the pleasure of tasting the regional and seasonal dishes on the restaurant’s menu. 


To learn more about The Merchants – Steak & Grill in Palm and the gourmet dining experiences it offers, visit its website. 


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