The V12 Lamborghini has been a staple poster child for the supercar since ages. It can be argued that Lamborghini invented the supercar with the Miura while the Countach carried forward that legacy in a wedge-shaped avatar. From then on, each V12 Lamborghini has been about its outrageous styling and the V12 engine. However, with the era of electrification upon us, even Lamborghini had to change albeit in its own unique ways. 

The V12 Revuelto Lamborghini The Revuelto is not merely the Aventador successor but the starting of a revolution for the raging bull. With the Revuelto, all Lamborghinis would be electrified in some way or the other, but this news isn’t tragic at all. The Revuelto uses electricity as a feral companion in elevating the flagship V12 Lamborghini to hypercar status. A naturally aspirated V12 engine and three electric motors result in a heady 1001 bhp in output. That is Bugatti territory.

The V12 Revuelto Lamborghini An 850bhp engine gets supported by three electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery pack while the big new Revuelto is also a plug-in hybrid with an electric only mode with limited range. A new 8-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox will add polish to the driving experience which the Aventador’s single clutch unit could never have managed. The faster gearbox and slick new mechanism also breathe in more performance. 

The V12 Revuelto Lamborghini Speaking of which the performance has been elevated with a 0-100 km/h time of just 2.5 seconds while the top-speed is 350 km/h. Alongside the new powertrain, the flagship new Lamborghini embraces carbon fiber in not only its frame but also in the bodywork. That results in a power to weight ratio of 1.75 kg/CV. While that is a startling fact, another new facet with the Revuelto is its efficiency which has seen a vast improvement along with the fact that this is the first electric Lamborghini…sort of that is!

The V12 Revuelto Lamborghini Like its predecessors, the Revuelto is all-wheel drive, but the technology is cleverer now while aerodynamics governs the brutal aesthetics of the design. There is a new active rear spoiler too. Focus has also been put on the braking, cooling and the packaging of the car with a compact new transmission and a slicker new gearbox. The Revuelto also gets new driving modes: Recharge, Hybrid and Performance.

The V12 Revuelto Lamborghini Leaving aside all the technology and performance, we must touch upon the design of the Revuelto since the V12 Lamborghini must adhere to the traditional supercar styling book more than any other car. A first glance confirms that the Revuelto is very much a textbook Lamborghini with its angular lines and wedge shape. The design has veered towards a more aggressive shape somewhat and is governed by aerodynamics more than its predecessors, but the shock and awe effect are very much there. The front-end is inspired by the latest Lamborghini design language including aerospace elements and the love for hexagonal shapes. In-fact even the exhaust is hexagonal and positioned higher to make way for better aerodynamics. It is a more complicated design but manages to cling onto the traditional Lamborghini styling theme.

The V12 Revuelto Lamborghini Inside, you still have traditional Lamborghini doors which accompany every V12 bull but the interior itself has been transformed. There is a lot more space now over the Aventador and there is a lot more technology on-board as well. There is a 12.3′ instrument cluster, 8.4′ central display, and in addition a 9.1′ display along with a bevy of 3D graphics. There is a lot more customization now with a two-finger swipe and small details which have moved the ergonomics to a new level for this carmaker. In a huge change, the Revuelto is also the first Lamborghini to get ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

The V12 Revuelto Lamborghini Lamborghini has been coy regarding the price but expect a substantial jump consider the Revuelto itself has moved up several notches in terms of performance and technology. In short, the new V12 Lamborghini has changed but changed for the better.