From the tropical beaches of Belize to the famous Windy City to Cabo San Lucas’ luxurious shores, esteemed hotels and resorts from across the globe share guest-favorite cocktail recipes to shake or stir at home all season long. No matter where you are, these hand-crafted drinks are sure to up your mixology skills while transporting you through refreshing, international flavors. Recipes to try include:

The Ambassador Negroni Cocktail
The Ambassador Negroni cocktail. Courtesy of Carlos Román and Ambassador Chicago Hotel

The Ambassador Negroni Cocktail

A riff on the classic cocktail made with just three ingredients.


1½ oz. of tequila
¾ oz. of Campari
¾ oz. of the Spanish liqueur, Licor 43

Directions: Combine all ingredients; stir with ice; strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice; finish the cocktail with an orange peel garnish.

Aviara Blossom cocktail
Courtesy of Park Hyatt Aviara Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, CA

The Aviara Blossom Cocktail

A floral vodka cocktail made with peach, orange blossom, lavender, and citrus essence.


1 ½ oz. Peach and Orange Blossom Ketel One Botanical
½ oz. Aperol
¼ oz. lavender syrup
1 oz. Ginger Ale
Dash of Rhubarb Bitters
Muddled orange and lemon

Directions: Muddle orange and lemon in a cocktail shaker; fill the cocktail shaker with vodka, Aperol, syrup, rhubarb bitters, and ginger ale; add ice shake; strain into a coupe glass; garnish with edible flowers.

Berry Basil Sangria cocktail
Berry Basil Sangria cocktail. Courtesy of LondonHouse Chicago Hotel

Berry Basil Sangria Cocktail

Reminiscent of fresh herbs and berries, the Berry Basil Sangria combines a tart rosé wine with blueberries and the bright aroma of basil leaf that showcases summertime in a cup.


1 ½ oz. Vodka
¾ oz. Blueberry syrup
¾ oz. lemon juice
1 oz. Rosé wine
Fresh basil and lemon wheels

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a wine glass over ice and top with seltzer water; garnish with a fresh basil leaf and lemon wheels.

Chamomile Cobbler cocktail
Chamomile Cobbler cocktail. Courtesy of Travelle at The Langham Hotel in Chicago

Chamomile Cobbler Cocktail

Inspired by the classic Sherry Cobbler, this drink is made with a refreshing variety of sherry, Manzanilla. Low in alcohol, the Chamomile Cobbler is the perfect summertime drink to enjoy all afternoon.


3 oz. Chamomile Infused Manzanilla Sherry*
¾ oz. Eucalyptus honey syrup (2:1)
¼ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
Two dashes of orange bitter


*For the Chamomile Infused Manzanilla Sherry: Infuse one bag of Chamomile for 200ml of Manzanilla. Recommended not to apply any heat to this infusion to avoid bringing any unwanted bitterness. Infuse for 72 hours for optimal extraction. If you are short on time, stir the Chamomile vigorously in the Manzanilla for a couple of minutes.

Pour all ingredients in your shaker, add ice and shake; pour over crushed ice; garnish with an orange slice and some spring flowers; enjoy with a star.

The Godfrey Grapefruit Spritzer cocktail
The Godfrey Grapefruit Spritzer cocktail. Courtesy of The Godfrey Hotel Chicago

The Godfrey Grapefruit Spritzer Cocktail

Floral hints of elderflower, delicate touch of sparkling Italian wine, and a splash of grapefruit are what we had at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.


½ oz. St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
1 ½ oz. Ketel One Botanical Grapefruit Rose
1 ½ oz. Grapefruit juice
¼ oz. Lemon Juice
¼ oz. simple syrup (50/50 mixture of sugar and water, boiled in a pot then cooled)

Directions: Fill a wine glass with ice, add all ingredients, shake all ingredients together and pour over fresh ice; top with Prosecco; garnish with grapefruit peel.

Passion Cocktail
Passion Cocktail courtesy of The Cape, A Thompson Hotel, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Passion Cocktail

Be whisked away to a tropical paradise with this specialty cocktail from The Cape featuring passion fruit juice, orange juice, mezcal, and sake for a unique twist.


1 oz. passion fruit juice
1 oz. Orange juice
½ oz. Simple syrup
¾ oz. Mezcal espadín
¾ oz. sake
Three drops habanero bitter

Directions: Combine all ingredients; pour over ice; frost the rim with black salt.

Spicy Habanero Margarita cocktail
Spicy Habanero Margarita cocktail. Courtesy of The Turneffe Island Resort, Belize

Spicy Habanero Margarita

The Turneffe Island Resort bartenders infuse real habaneros into their tequila to create this island favorite.


1 ½ oz. spicy tequila, infused with habanero peppers
1 oz. triple sec
1 oz. Lime juice
½ oz. ginger syrup

Directions: Shake all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker or mix in a blender with fresh ice; rim margarita glass with Tajin seasoning; pour and serve.

Smoky Orange Mint Julep & Ginger Mint Julep cocktail
Smoky Orange Mint Julep & Ginger Mint Julep cocktail. Courtesy of The Tides Inn, Irving, VA

Smoky Orange Mint Julep & Ginger Mint Julep

The Tides Inn collaborated with A. Smith Bowman Distillery—Virginias’s oldest distillery—to craft the perfect bourbon poured exclusively on property. The resort’s mixology team hand-selected the John J. Bowman single barrel whiskey to create their private label. Aged just over ten years, the exclusive bourbon is infused with mint for their signature Smoky Orange Mint Julep and Ginger Mint Julep—creative takes on a classic Southern cocktail.

Ingredients (Smoky Orange Mint Julep)

2.5 oz. Tides Inn mint-infused exclusive John J. Bowman Bourbon (or similar bourbon) *infusion instructions follow
½ oz. Simple Syrup
Charred orange peel
A sprig of mint to garnish
Served in a smoked glass (smoked with wood chips)

Directions: Combine mint-infused bourbon and simple syrup over 2-3 ice cubes in a mixer and shake 4-5 times; use cold-smoking device/glass smoking box with maple wood chips to smoke inside of a rocks glass; lightly char the edges of an orange peel and rim the glass with the charred skin before dropping it in; pour the cocktail over an ice sphere or whiskey cube; add mint as garnish.

Ingredients (Ginger Mint Julep)

2 oz. Tides Inn mint-infused exclusive John J. Bowman Bourbon (or similar bourbon) *infusion instructions follow
6 oz. Gosling’s Ginger Beer (or similar ginger beer)
A sprig of mint to garnish

Directions: Pour the infused bourbon into a rocks glass with 1-2 ice cubes; add Gosling’s Ginger Beer; add mint as garnish.

The Tides Inn Mint-Infused Bourbon: Take a healthy amount of fresh mint (4-5 sprigs) and add directly to a bottle of their exclusive John. J. Bowman bourbon (other John J. Bowman Bourbons will also work)allow the mint to infuse for 3-4 days; the mint can remain in the bottle for aesthetics.

web The Wild Mountain Honey cocktail
 The Wild Mountain Honey cocktail. Courtesy of Cuyama Buckhorn, New Cuyama, CA

The Wild Mountain Honey

Inspired by wildflower season in the Valley of Enchantment, the Wild Mountain Honey cocktail brings the beauty of the blooms into your home. This reimagined bourbon sipper uses wildflower honey to add a round sweetness and create a smooth mouthful. St Germain and Amaro Nonino contribute a unique blend of delicate floral notes and herbal bitterness.


1 ½ oz. Forager Bourbon
1 oz. St. Germain
½ oz. Amaro Nonino
¼ oz. Rock Front Ranch Wildflower Honey

Directions: Combine all ingredients in a shaker and shake vigorously; strain into martini glass; garnish with flowers.