If you are looking for something delicious, healthy, and refreshing then you simply can’t go wrong with a smoothie. This tasty drink is getting more and more popular and what’s great about it is that you can make it from the comfort of your own house.

Of course, you can always order it whenever you go outside, but why would you waste money when you can make it all by yourself. Frequently, the best recipes are precisely those that we make.

The whole point of this beverage is to make one that tastes amazing and is at the same time very nutritious. Yes, you can come across those that are healthy but taste awful. But don’t worry! With the help of our tips, you are going to make the yummiest smoothie of all time!

Top Ways You Can Make The Best Smoothie Ever!

– Order Definitely Matters

At times, smoothies appear to look very chaotic and we often think that every single thing is thrown in the blender without any order. Although you can do this as well, it would be recommendable to actually have an order.

This is especially important if you want your drink to have a lovely texture. So if you want to accomplish the best possible texture for your beverage, you should first blend in the leafy greens with the liquid and then top these ingredients off with other things that you want to add.

– Obtain A Portable Blender

If your work schedule is often too hectic, then you’re probably not always able to make your favorite smoothie at home. That’s why it would be smart to consider purchasing a portable blender that will simplify everything when it comes to meal preparation. Those who own it are pretty much familiar with its benefits.

The good thing about this gadget is that you can use it just as you would utilize a traditional one. Most of these appliances come with omnipotent motors that are able to crush frozen fruits and ice fast and efficiently.

Furthermore, with these things, you are way more flexible when it comes to planning meals ahead. You can go wherever you want to and all you have to do is take this light gadget out of your bag and start making your beloved smoothie.

Healthy Green Smoothie. Photo by Alexander Mils-nG4ZimMIO_k-unsplash

Adding More Smoothie-Related Suggestions

– How To Make Your Smoothie Less Bitter

For those of you who are not huge fans of bitterness, we’ve got some great advice for you. Namely, fruits like oranges and pineapple add a plethora of fruity deliciousness, and sweetness. Besides that, you can always put some bananas if you want to eliminate the bitter flavor.

If none of these options are right for you, then you can always add some strawberries, especially if you’re making a green smoothie. Moreover, you can also put vanilla extract, vanilla bean, cacao, agave, or unsweetened cocoa powder.

Another great thing you can use is a flavored protein powder. It is a great tool if you want to mask the strong, bitter taste of green vegetables. Once you add these ingredients to your blender, back it up to the highest speed and process for up to twenty seconds.

– Frozen Is Great!

Even though many people think that frozen fruit is nowhere near as nutritious as fresh ones, it doesn’t mean that they are right. Of course, during the season, it is always recommended to acquire fresh veggies and fruits.

On the other hand, out-of-season, frozen versions are surely a good option, especially if they are organic. Another great thing about them is the fact that they are not expensive at all! Plus, you can always quickly stock your freezer with them in order to always have healthy smoothie ingredients near you.

– Put Nut Butters

If you’re looking for a thicker smoothie, then you should opt for nut butter, for instance, almond butter or peanut butter. These things are going to surely enhance the flavor of this beverage, plus they blend perfectly well into this drink. People like to purchase nut butter here to put it in their smoothies or even other drinks like milkshakes. These additions not only provide more flavor but also increase the nutritional value of your smoothie.

If by any chance, you have a first-class blender and you have enough free time on your hands, then you can even make your own nut butter from scratch. There’s nothing better than homemade nut butter!

– Don’t Forget Veggies!

Now, a lot of people love smoothies, but they are not too fond of vegetables. Although that’s completely understandable, you have to bear in mind that vegetables are extremely healthy and should be part of everyone’s dietary regime.

Therefore, smoothies are an ideal way to incorporate some greens into your breakfast.  If you want to consume additional micronutrients, then you should certainly put some vegetables. Further, you can always add some sort of leafy greens, such as kale, or spinach.

These things are going to surely improve the nutritional properties of this tasty beverage. Plus, this is a relatively easy and practical way to accomplish your daily recommendation of four to five servings of veggies per day.

– Creaminess All The Way!

Who doesn’t love to have a creamy, yummy smoothie? Usually, people love to add yogurt, ice cream, or milk to this drink, especially if they want to have some extra creaminess. Although most of us completely support this decision, there are much healthier options that will also help you get that creamy texture.

One of the ingredients that will help you achieve this goal is fresh avocado. Namely, this fruit is known for its creaminess and texture. And what’s great is that you do not have to add a ton to get that desired texture.

All you have to do is scoop ¼ of a large avocado and you will quickly see a difference that it is going to make. Besides this, you can also use hemp seeds. A lot of people nowadays use it when they want to get a tasty, creamy smoothie.

If you mix them with water, you are going to get extra creamy hemp seed milk. Experienced smoothie-makers love to combine these seeds with avocado, cayenne, along fresh mint to get a drink that is bursting with flavors.

Healthy Smoothie. Photo by Joanna Kosinska-m741tj4Cz7M-unsplash

It doesn’t matter whether it is cold or warm outside, smoothies are always welcome. It’s definitely hard to resist them, especially if they are too delicious. With these tips, you will sweep everyone off their feet!