Looking for an industrial door for your home? Here are some great tips on the latest trends. 

What You Should Know When Buying An Industrial Door

The use of industrial materials in homes has been a common trend for many decades. In fact, sleek steel frames are currently a trend and this trend is evolving into many applications. Today, architects are designing homes with industrial doors. Even though industrial doors were used in commercial buildings in the past, the distinction in building materials for commercial and private buildings is narrowing right now. Hence, industrial doors have become commonplace in today’s housing projects. 

Industrial doors are commonly used in swimming pools and garden houses, as well as, converted barns and patios. They are also used as a partition in a building. For example, they are quite popular in restaurants & schools where large spaces need to be divided into smaller rooms. The ability to close off a large surface and the sleek appearance makes industrial doors an ideal alternative for traditional sliding doors, folding walls, or other standard partitions.

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How To Select Industrial Doors?

Unique Handmade Doors – Large industrial steel doors are mostly tailor-made to suit your needs. It provides unlimited options in terms of creativity. But a handmade industrial door is an expensive option as well. In fact, the higher price is one reason why customized industrial internal doors are not for everyone. 

Industrial Doors As A Trend

Handmade unique steel doors, handmade bifold doors, and traditional overhead doors are popular industrial doors out there. An overhead door is a viable alternative to tailormade doors. These doors slide upwards on a rail that is installed on the ceiling. Overhead doors are available in standard as well as customized sizes to suit your needs. They can be produced at a relatively low price. 

We don’t always recommend using traditional overhead doors in buildings, especially in nicely decorated and sleekly designed spaces since the ceiling is marred by sliding rails. Many of you may agree with us on this. That is why we say that the traditional overhead door isn’t suitable as a room divider inside a building. When using industrial doors in your house, you should not use traditional overhead doors. They can be a nuisance when used in your home. 

Modern folding doors

Compact Folding Doors

The compact folding door is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The compact folding door will fold up in the door opening which makes it easier to conceal the door in the building. In fact, the door can be easily folded inwards or outwards. There is always a way to integrate the door invisibly into the ceiling or on the outside of the building.

The compact folding door can be designed in many ways and in multiple colors by using sandwich panels, semi-transparent glazing, and transparent glazing. This type of door can be installed in all kinds of spaces such as on the outside or inside of a building as well as a room divider. The compact folding door will operate silently so that it can be opened and closed without a nuisance. Here are some of the many benefits of compact folding doors:

. Compact folding doors have a superior finish

. Compact folding doors can be easily integrated into the ceiling

. Compact folding doors can be used as a flexible partition with an industrial look

. Compact folding doors are great for any residential or commercial building

What Should You Consider When Installing An Industrial Door Of Any Type In And Around A Home?

The safety measurements for industrial doors are different when compared with residential doors. All architects should check the safety measurements of the industrial door before installing it. In fact, even when you plan to install a garage door in a living area, you should check the safety measurements of the particular door. The insulation value for industrial doors that have plexiglass panels is lower compared to other types of residential doors with insulated glass. You need to consider this carefully before deciding to install industrial doors in your home or commercial building, especially if external to a garden or an outdoor area.


The industrial door has become a popular trend in this day and age. It can be used in many other places than the door was originally designed for. The industrial door is a great alternative for closing off high and wide spaces in a residential or commercial building. However all architects need to check the safety measurements and the desired insulation properties of the door and partition area before installing the door.