Monaco-based British entrepreneur Rumble Romagnoli and superyacht chef Colin Ross’s “Chilli No 5” has launched “Champagne Gold”, a  very limited edition hot sauce infused with Champagne and 23-carat gold. As well as blueberries raspberries, ginger, basil, mint, turmeric, and apple cider as well as Chill No. 5’s exclusive five chili blend.

The ingredients may help with sleep deprivation, libido, concentration, weight loss, and depression. Sauces are available in 200 ml sustainable glass bottles, 100 ml land-fill friendly pouches, and 25 ml glass tasting vials.

Chilli No. 5, The World's Most Luxurious Chili Sauce

“We wanted to create an extra special hot sauce for New Year,” Rumble Romagnoli, CEO of Chilli No. 5, said. “We have created Champagne Gold for discerning gourmands who appreciate the finer things in life.

“Add a drop of Champagne Gold to raw oysters, drizzle over tiger prawns or lobster, add punch to sashimi or ceviches, or create extra depth of flavor to a filet mignon. Champagne Gold has been carefully created to elevate the very finest of foods, while also adding a dazzling effect to foods, courtesy of the gold flakes.”

13 vegan chilli sauces inspired by cuisines from across the world – Pizza Pizzazz, Louisiana BBQ, Piri Piri, Sriracha Cha-Cha, Fiery Gazpacho, Mexican fury, Wicked Wasabi, Jamaican Jerk, Forever Phall, Royal Red Pepper, Heavenly Harissa, Chinese Hot & Sour and Ever So English which pairs well with strong Cheddar and Stilton.

Chilli No. 5, The World's Most Luxurious Chili Sauce

Says chef Ross: “My inspiration is to give people heat but with flavor.

Adds Romagnoli: “I founded Chilli No. 5 because it was impossible to find high-quality, healthy hot sauces at the supermarket or even at restaurants. During the lockdown, people are cooking more at home and discovering the challenge of recreating their favorite bold flavors. We created our sauces to elevate your plate.”

Champagne Gold is available exclusively at Chilli No 5 also offers a sauce-for-life subscription service.