Haute couturier Debbie Wingham globally renowned for her beautiful and extravagant gowns has traded in her love for fabric for fondant and created The world’s most expensive cake.

The title holder for the most expensive garment in the world to date who in previous years created the world’s most expensive black diamond dress and the red diamond abaya which was valued at a staggering $17.7 million dollars.

stoke park drop off cake

Now the couturier turned caketress has blown the proverbial “ginger bread roof off” with a mouth-watering price tag this cake is a jaw dropping £48.5 million pounds or $74 million dollars. The previous title holder for the world’s most expensive cake was created by a fellow brit and was valued at £32.4 mill.

Wingham’s cake is very true to the fashionista that she is and it’s actually a 6 ft. long runway cake, the models on the runway are very long, lean and elegant.

model and photographer

The garments on the runway resemble Wingham’s couture clothing, the edible version of Wingham’s signature style is captured with the fluid looking gowns and the strong adornments.