There’s just something beautiful about dessert, and the more decadent it is, the better. Mix in a little of this and a touch of that, and you can walk away with a treat worthy of a gold medal. Whether you like chocolate cake, ice cream, or pie, we have you covered with mouth-watering options; you’ll want to try today.

Fluffy and Warm Cakes

Wonderful cakes. They are so good; they have mini varieties. And flavors? Nearly anything under the sun can be put into a great-tasting cake. We will knock a home run out of the park right away with this banana pecan coffee cake with a vanilla glaze. It’s a sultry combination of ingredients, that when introduced to your mouth, will leave you speechless.

Next on the list is a coffee chocolate layer cake with mocha mascarpone frosting. So dark and delicious, it leaves you wanting another slice. Is there anyone that doesn’t appreciate a molten lava cake? A warm cake filled with creamy, decadent chocolate filling and topped with a cold vanilla ice cream. Sign me up. Red wine on a cake, what? Yes, it’s real, and it only takes a half cup to get the job done. The darkest chocolate cake with red wine glaze will bring these worlds together. Be sure to put the rest of that bottle to good use, *wink wink.

Cookies and Brownies

Maybe you’re in the mood for something a little more portable without losing the decadent factor. Well, you’re in luck. Consider an upgrade of mom’s chocolate chip cookies: triple chocolate, chocolate chip cookie. Flavor overload can’t describe what’s going on here. A lovely marriage of dark cocoa, semi-sweet, and white chocolate combine to create a wonderful cookie that calls for a cold glass of milk.

We are leaving the chocolate behind for a moment; we present you with a blondie. And not just any blondie either, a gooey brown butter blondie with pecans. The lovely thing about this treat is that it can be enhanced with a few drops of CBD tincture without modifying the great flavor. This way, you can enjoy the relaxing properties of the product in a satisfying dessert.

Show Me the Tarts

On the outside of the cake, cookie, and brownie realm live the tarts. Upscale offerings, maybe, but tarts are both delicious and beautiful. Take, for example, this white peach tart. Firm peaches meet a flakey crust for a combo that is a wonder on the palate. Or you can sink your teeth into a mixed berry tart that combines raspberry, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. They all rest on creamy vanilla cream, waiting to be consumed.

Dainty and Delicious

Good things come in small packages, and the proof is in a lemon curd macaron. A sweet lightly crunchy cookie comes together with a tart lemon filling for an elegant dessert. We have gone this far, and we haven’t mentioned a cheesecake?! It ends here with my friends as this mini cheesecake with wine gelees takes the heaviness and utter sweetness out of the dessert for a well-balanced treat with a wine topper.

Finally, we come to the crowning joy of small dessert items. The cream puff is a tiny sweet treat that packs a flavor punch. Custard-filled profiteroles topped with creamy dark chocolate swirls or caramel drizzle will bring you pure joy in a poppable dessert.