The oh-so-regal favorite four pantry pieces that you should have…
Highgrove organic orchard chutney, gourmet product

Highgrove Organic Orchard Chutney

Established by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, Highgrove products offer the very best in taste and what’s more, all profits go to The Prince of Wales’ Charitable Foundation. A must try is the Orchard Chutney, a delicious merge of plums and apples picked from the fruit trees at Highgrove, they are combined with onions, sultanas and warming spices for a classic British chutney that is packed with local flavors. Made by hand in small batches in kitchens just down the road from Highgrove (the royal private residence), the chutney has an authentic and unbeatable homemade taste.
National Trust Sour Cherry Curd, organic product

National Trust Sour Cherry Curd

Made especially for the National Trust, their sour cherry curd is sweet and intense. Award winning, this vibrant curd is bursting with tart cherry flavor, which will take you back to fond memories of childhood sweets. Made by hand in small batches to traditional recipes, their curds are perfect to use in cakes, puddings, tarts or simply heavenly on hot buttered toast.
Bettys marmalade, organic product
Betty’s Seville Orange & Whisky Marmalade
Seville oranges were made for marmalade, but the tasters at Betty’s have also added the punchy flavor of whiskey. Traditionally dark, malty and full-bodied and full-tasting, this marmalade will certainly wake you up if you spread it on your morning toast. Or update a traditional bread and butter pudding recipe with layers of this marmalade.
Daylesford Organic Active Manuka Honey

Daylesford Organic Active Manuka Honey
Lady Carole Bamford, the founder of Daylesford is recognized as a visionary in organic farming and healthy food retailing. We love the Daylesford Organic Active Manuka Honey, it’s a full-bodied honey from New Zealand’s unique Manuka flowers. Drizzle a spoonful over porridge and yogurt, or stir into warm water and lemon to start the day.