The Coeur d’Alene Resort boasts numerous tasty restaurants, and Beverly’s tops the list. Situated on the seventh floor of the Lake Tower at Coeur d’Alene Resort, Beverly’s features spectacular views of stunning Lake Coeur d’Alene. The Lakeview Lounge sits adjacent to the restaurant and is the ideal place to begin an evening of world-class drinks and gourmet dining. Executive Chef Rodney Jessick oversees all dining operations at the resort and additional events outside the resort grounds. Chef Jessick boasts a long history with the resort and is foundational to Beverly’s award-winning status.

Libations at Beverly Restaurant wines
Libations at Beverly Restaurant wines

Libations in the Lounge

There are several exciting eateries at the Coeur d’Alene Resort; but for a romantic evening with exceptional dining, beginning with drinks at the Lakeview Lounge. The soft lights, incredible lake views, impeccable service and guitar music played by Robert Vaughn make the lounge a wonderful place to enjoy a glass of wine or a spirit-filled libation. Order a seasonal cocktail, a fruity drink, or something traditional with a unique spin.

When I arrived in late fall, huckleberry season was coming to a close. I took advantage of the remaining crop and enjoyed a heavenly huckleberry lemon drop prepared with just the right ratio of sweet to sour. My friend, Connie, loves a good old-fashioned. The bartender began with Makers Mark Bourbon containing 58% alcohol, Grand Marnier, a little water, a large slice of orange zest, and maraschino cherry liqueur. He poured the liquids into a wine decanter, added smoke, and let it steep for a few minutes with the top covered. Finally, he poured the drink over a large ice cube in a whiskey glass and placed it in front of Connie, who was happy for the remainder of the evening. The Lounge menu offers several delectable food options, but we saved our appetites for the restaurant.

Seating at Beverly’s

Transitioning from the lounge to Beverly’s allows diners to glance into the open kitchen and check out what the chefs are cooking. The restaurant has a variety of comfortable yet elegant seating from cozy booths to window-side tables and the ever-exclusive owner’s table sheltered within a beautiful nook sporting a magnificent view of the lake. The night we dined at Beverly’s, Chef Jessick joined us at the owner’s table.

Executive Chef Rodney Jessick
Executive Chef Rodney Jessick

Executive Chef Rodney Jessick

Chef Jessick has been overseeing anything food-related at the resort and outlying properties for more than 47 years. He shared how he handles menu development, hiring, and all the day-to-day operations. However, his culinary career did not begin at such a lofty level. Chef Jessick’s leap into the culinary world began after a mishap with a mixer at home.

One day, at a relatively young age, Rodney Jessick attempted to make a cake for his mother. He placed the eggs and liquid ingredients into an electric mixer and turned it on high. Food began to fly, and he quickly grabbed what he called “the rubber thing,” or spatula, and he stuck it between the beaters. The motor began to smoke, and he essentially killed the appliance. His mother required him to pay for a new mixer and so began his culinary career working under her tutelage at a truck stop. He started by taking out the trash and eventually moved up to cooking and serving.

Before Beverly’s, Jessick worked at the North Shore Hotel restaurant, Cloud 9. He got the job through a friend and washed dishes for a while. Jessick listened well and learned quickly from the executive chef, who taught him the different positions at the restaurant. Eventually, Jessick became the executive chef at Cloud 9.

Coeur d'Alene meal at Beverlys Restaurant

When Chef Jessick interviewed for the executive chef position at Beverly’s, owner Duane B. Hagadone asked him a three-part question: “Where can we get the best beef, produce, and seafood? Already having worked at a high-end restaurant, Chef Jessick knew that the correct answers at that time were Chicago for beef, California for produce, and Seattle and Florida for seafood. Mr. Hagadone, an American urban planner, newspaper publisher, real estate, and land developer, hired him on the spot. Chef Jessick speaks highly of the Hagadone family and mourns Duane Hagadone’s recent death on April 24, 2021.

Chef Jessick has received numerous accolades during his time at the resort. He is the founding member of the American Culinary Federation Chefs de Cuisine Chapter of the Inland Northwest and was honored as “Chef of the Year” in 2001. He received the ACF National President’s Medallions twice and represented the state of Idaho on trade missions to Japan, the People’s Republic of China, Mexico, and Taiwan. In 1999, he teamed up with other Idaho chefs and prepared a five-course dinner at the James Beard House in New York. Chef Jessick greatly appreciates his exceptional team at Beverly’s, including Executive Chef Jim Barrett, who oversees the kitchen, and Sam Lange, the manager of liquor and wine.

plate at Beverly Restaurant 1

Dinner at Beverly’s

Dining at Beverly’s is a memorable experience. The staff is friendly, the setting is gorgeous and the food is extraordinary. Our dinner at Beverly’s began with an amuse-bouche prepared by the sous chef. Connie and I each received three enticing pieces of culinary art displayed on glass cylinders. We both had poke on a won ton glazed with a delightful aioli with microgreens placed on the left side of the cylinder. The center held a slice of roast beef with wild mushrooms and baby arugula, and on the right was a piece of smoked salmon topped with Boursin cheese and chives. I paired this delicious treat with a glass of bubbles.

For my next course, I opted for the soup of the day, a white cheddar bisque topped with cheese toast garnished with fresh crab. It was rich and smooth with immense flavor. A glass of cabernet franc paired just right with the soup. For my entrée, I went with the ahi tuna dish. The thinly sliced, sesame-coated ahi tuna was cooked to perfection and served with pickled ginger and bright red candied ginger. A generous and decorative display of soy and wasabi glazes and a side of garlic bok choy finished the plate.  The dish was beautiful and scrumptious. Connie tried out the vegetarian dinner with carrots, green beans, and mixed mushrooms served on top of seasoned quinoa and garnished with microgreens. She said it was quite tasty. Chef Jessick recently retired in May 2021, but he left a skillful staff to carry on his legendary cuisine.

Experience the upscale side of Idaho and stay at The Coeur d’Alene Resort. Plan to spend an entire evening reveling in luxury while enjoying the excellent food and drink at the Lakeview Lounge and Beverly’s.