Now that the holidays are drawing near, it’s about time for you to seriously go through your gift shopping list. While shopping for gifts is a fun experience, it may not necessarily be the easiest. The people on your list have their respective preferences and hobbies that you need to consider. Perhaps on your list is someone who smokes cigars.

For the men who indulge in cigar smoking, it’s a hobby that brings stress relief. So, if you want to ensure your gift to a cigar smoker is well appreciated, pick an accessory for this particular hobby. If you’re not into cigar smoking yourself, you may find yourself confused or overwhelmed by the task of choosing a suitable gift. 

You can get your gift-giving list ready with these ideas for your friends or loved ones who are cigar lovers:

1. Cigar Lighter

First on the list is a cigar smoker’s absolute must-have: cigar lighters. After all, how can you light up a smoke without one? As this is a gift that will prove useful, the recipient will thank you for it.

Because you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you have to be more mindful of what you’re getting. This means passing over the cheap, plastic cigar lighters you can find anywhere. Here are some tips so you can wind up with the best ideas:

  • Consider the size. Size depends on the user’s preference and needs. If they smoke bigger cigars, then you’ll have to opt for a bigger lighter. 
  • Assess the ignition. Lighting up your cigar should be as effortless as possible. So, be sure to test it out for yourself before buying. 
  • Check the style. Remember your goal is to give an amazing gift. This means not settling for anything other than the most stylish cigar lighter that fits your budget. 

If you prefer to give a personalized gift, you may check out cigar shops that sell engraved lighters. You can have the recipient’s initials engraved on the lighter for that special touch.

2. Whisky And Cigar Gift Box

Many cigar smokers enjoy pairing their smoke with whisky. Hence, putting together a gift box containing whisky and some cigars is a nifty idea. Another good thing about this combination is you’re giving a specially curated gift. It’s something a cigar smoker will be happy to have.

As there’s a wide variety of cigars and whisky available, it’s up to you to choose. If you want something lighter and easier on the throat, a bottle of champagne will work just as great, too.

3. Cigar Sampler

A cigar sampler is particularly suitable for those who have started smoking and are still looking for the perfect flavor. This gives the smoker a chance to try out different types and brands of cigars. From basic sets to limited edition ones, there will be plenty for you to choose from.

The smoker is holding a Tuscan cigar

4. Humidor

A humidor is an airtight container used to store cigars to keep them moist. Expert and long-time smokers would know that a dried-up cigar can ruin the experience. The drier the cigar, the harder it is to smoke it. 

This fancy container can be handmade, electric, or artisan-crafted, making it an ideal gift for a cigar enthusiast.

5. Cigar Ashtray

A cigar aficionado can never have too many ashtrays, especially if he smokes in different rooms in his house. Rather than lugging around an ashtray whenever he feels the need to smoke, he’d be grateful to have several ashtrays in strategic locations. 

Ashtrays come in different designs, colors, and materials. There are elegant glass ashtrays as well as rustic-looking wooden ones. And you could never go wrong with a customized ashtray.

6. Cigar Cutter

Like the ashtray and cigar lighter, a cigar cutter is something an avid cigar smoker can never have too many of. You can choose from various styles from classic silver colors to more polished stainless-steel ones. 

As mentioned earlier, the gift should match the recipient’s style and personality. For instance, a stylist cutter would do fine for one who loves to smoke indoors. For those who love to go outdoors and bring a smoke with them, however, the better choice is a durable chrome cutter.


If you’re buying a gift for someone in your life who loves to smoke cigars, then the list above would prove useful. It could take the guesswork out of shopping for cigar accessories. And you’ll stand a chance of giving something useful that would be much appreciated. Now all that’s left for you to do is to start shopping.