It is officially the holiday season, which means it’s time to dust off the good cutlery and bring out the fancy plates in preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But what if we told you fancy tableware doesn’t have to be an occasional occurrence? There’s a new trend on the dinner table and it has to do with designer cutlery. For years, we’ve evolved fine dining experiences, creating fusion cuisine and innovative degustation encounters, yet we neglected to upgrade the tools we use to shovel food in our mouths. That is until the Australian cutlery brand, KROF designed a set of beautiful knives, forks, and spoons to elevate even the most simple of meals.

From this moment forward eating will be different. The way you pirouette the spaghetti, smear the bread, fork the runaway butter, your dining experience will never be the same. The exclusive design of KROF places it distinctly above all others.

Designer Cutlery To Elevate Your Holiday Dinner This Season

After years of research, it was imperative to discover the answers to key culinary and functionality questions, such as how many fork tines are best for twirling a spaghetti vongole? What is the optimal spoon volume for a bowl of soup? And what types of serrations will save us all from placing our knife down on the table and tearing the crust off the delicious sourdough bread in front of us? Eating will be different and dining experiences will be forever elevated. Pairing back beautiful food with finely crafted instruments, the team at KROF believe that diners deserve the use of artful tools, never undermining the importance of first impressions.

Each KROF set consists of 24 pieces, six place settings; six forks, knives, dessert spoons, and teaspoons. Made with the highest grade materials including 18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery, titanium coated, German forming machinery and finished with hand-polishing mastery.

Designer Cutlery To Elevate Your Holiday Dinner This Season

As for the experience, Krof’s cutlery finds the perfect balance with a long sleek weighted handle to the tip. Whether it is the spoon or fork, food sits comfortably in its grasp. Apart from functionality, the set attracts compliments from those who wield it. It is modern cutlery at its finest and could be the benchmark for future designer cutlery. Only time will tell, but for now, we are appreciating the simplicity of an elite dining experience at home this holiday season.

Designer Cutlery To Elevate Your Holiday Dinner This Season

KROF is available to purchase online. Collection 1 is available in brushed gold, matte black,

brushed silver and polished silver.