For years now, doctors and health experts have emphasized the importance of drinking enough water. Water has numerous health benefits, including improving exercise performance, prevents kidney stones, clears your face, reduces the possibility of headaches and migraines, and overall cleaning your body. The list goes on, but since millions of doctors around the world have attested to its importance, people have now opted to try different types of water to see which one can help them gain all those health benefits. Since there are several types and plenty of labels, it can confuse which one to choose; read on to discover how to ensure you drink only the highest quality water.

Read the Label

If you are opting for bottled water, then the best thing you can do is to read the label. Reading the label will show you the origin of the water, its pH concentration, how it has been purified, and so on. This will allow you to trust the water you are drinking, especially if it originates from a secure and trusted location. If you are using a water dispenser, you can also read the label on the dispenser bottle and assess which brand you are most comfortable with.

Artesian Water

Not many people are comfortable drinking regular tap or filtered water and prefer going for something that has not been tampered with to a great extent. Artesian drinking water, which is produced from an artesian well, is brought up to the surface by an aquifer that has been under enough pressure to do so. Artesian water has all the nutrients that any water needs, is not tampered with, is healthy, but does not have extra medicinal qualifications by any means, yet it is great and clean to drink.

Buy a Filter

To drink healthy water each and every day without spending a fortune, you can invest in a filter that will purify your water. If you want to be sure that the water you are receiving, if it is communal water, is healthy enough, you can always ask for a report from the state or town you are in or look for it online on the EPA’s website. The water experts at state that regardless of how your town extracts purified water, a filtration system is essential in every household. Good water filtration systems will free your water of any residual contaminants, chemicals, or other microorganisms.

Distilled Water

Distilled water is one of the most types of water that undergoes a hefty process. Distilled water is basically steam from boiled water that has been condensed and bottled. Although this is a very safe and healthy option, many have stated that it tastes flat and doctors do not recommend it as much given its great lack of nutrients.

a glass with drinking water

Alkaline Water

The pH levels of any drinkable water need to range somewhere between 6.5 to 8.5. Water that falls lower or higher on the scale can either be extremely acidic or alkaline, respectively. Alkaline water is between 8 and 9, which is only slightly higher, and many drink it to neutralize the acid already in and produced by your body. This type of water is still debated by experts as the benefits greatly depend upon the person drinking.

Boil Your Water

There are two ways you can go about this, either boil your water and drink it warm or boil it and wait for it to cool. This is a solution that, for many, is the norm, but for others, can be too much of a hassle. Drinking it warm has more health benefits than drinking it cold, given that when you boil water, you are removing a lot of the nutrients in it. Though you drink it warm, you at least have the benefits of weight loss, dental health, muscle relief, and removal of toxins from your body.

Since not all of these options can be optimal or handy at all times, be sure to choose a few options that are acceptable so that you can drink only high-quality water at all times. For instance, at home, you can opt for buying a filter and choose to buy a package of bottled water to use every day when you leave your home. Or, you can also consider installing an eco-friendly water softener installation. Although that may be seen as waste in terms of plastic, you can also use a water dispenser and purchase a reusable water bottle to fill up from home before leaving. Combining one or two methods or types of water will definitely ensure that you drink only the highest quality and safest water.