You’ve received your undergrad or bachelor’s degree and are ready to commence higher learning. Whether you will obtain a master’s degree, specialist degree, law degree, doctorate, or are participating in a Residency Program; you work quite hard daily. Further, as an off-campus, gifted intellectual seeking an advanced degree, you relish the lively conversation of guests in your home while personally delighting in tranquil comforts in your alone time. As such, consider obtaining these upscale collectibles and staples for your luxury loft, affluent apartment, or chic condo. After all, in millennial-minded entertaining and living, presentation is everything.

Pinky Up

Pinky Up – Loose Leaf Teas. Blooming Teas. Newfangled Teapots. Innovative Infusers.

Whether aiming to relax on one hand or to get energized on the other, students seeking professional degrees can enjoy the tantalizing taste of Pinky Up teas and the elegance of the vessels that hold them. The innovative line of delicious loose leaf beauty teas, concentrating on hydrated skin, circulation support, and antioxidants, include Glow Herbed Tea, Energize Loose Leaf Tea, Matcha Ice Cream, Rosewater Basil, Earl Grey Macaron, Chocolate Mint Tea, and Hibiscus Rosehip. For an extra special occasion, as the host, serve blooming tea. Having tea leaves engulfing dried flowers, the Set of 3 Flowering Tea includes Crème Brulee, Lavender Sorbet, and Candied Apple. The decorative, brewing decanters comprise of the Parker™ Electric Tea Kettle, Harper Ceramic Teapot & Infuser, Shelby™ Gold Wrapped Teapot & Infuser, Addison Pink Abstract Tea for One Set, Charlie Glass Iced Tea Carafe, Blair Champagne Gold Dots Glass Travel Infuser Mug, and Rose Gold Travel Tea Press Tumbler.

Madison and White

Madison and White – Clean Skin Kit. Bedtime Beauty Kit. Healthy Hair Ties.

Because of hectic, fast-paced schedules associated with balancing classes with work-life, calming sleep, while maintaining healthy hair and hydrated skin, it is a welcome phenomenon. Make bedtime a beautifully restful event with this luxury bed linen having Kourtney Kardashian’s seal of approval. To keep your hair and skin healthy, it’s essential to sleep on the best pillowcase. Founded by Kamela Hurley in 2015, Madison and White’s cases are smooth, cruelty-free, and vegan.  The Bedtime Beauty Kit, having two pillowcases made of Madix fabric, extends hairstyles and blowouts as well as lessens sleep wrinkles. Having four bacterial-resistant Tencel pillowcases, the Clean Skin Kit has each day of the week embroidered on each side. The Seaside Scrunchies’ hair ties help minimize hair damage.

Well Told carafes

Well Told – Carafes. Wine Glasses. Champagne Flutes. Copper Mugs.

In celebration of the end of semester finals or demanding class projects, invite friends over for cocktails and serve them while showcasing this creative barware from Well Told. It has etchings of maps of select American cities, states, college towns, famous islands, the outdoors, astronomy, history, literature, math, science, and more. These fresh products include glassware, insulated drinkware, premium barware, coffee mugs, bar tools, flasks, and prep and cutting boards. The fashionable decanters and glasses like the Molecular Champagne Flute Pair, Custom Constellation Stemless Champagne Flute Pair, Paris Street Maps Carafe, College Town Maps Stemmed Wine Glass, and University of Michigan College Town Map Pint Glass Set are sure to wow your guests.

Big Hug Blanket

Because of Love – Big Hug Lap Blanket. Jewel Message Tags. Grommet and Jewel Pack.

It’s all about love. Once you come home from the morning, afternoon, or evening sessions, show yourself some love with the Big Hug Lap Blanket. Settle down with it, your laptop, tablet, and textbooks, and begin to write your term papers or read over the day’s lesson. A personalized throw, you can use a permanent marker or fabric paint to write yourself words of encouragement, list quotes from great philosophers, or even jot down the names and titles of your current classes on unique tags.  The creator used her art therapy background to design unique gifts for her best friend, who went through a severe illness. Made with comfy, chic grey knit, and dazzling metallic thread, the blanket comes in a 28” x 40” size, and the set is complete with 24 tags of grey grommet closures and nine tags of rhinestone jewel closures.

Gryphon Luxury Suite Set

Gryphon – Luxury Suite. Easy Care. Comfort Washed.

As an affluent professional, you are accustomed to the finer things in life. Conversely, time is not on your side when you are attending school full time and possibly working full time. Gryphon offers the ultimate luxurious solution with its lines of Luxury Suite, Easy Care, and Comfort Washed bed linen products.  The soft, light, and breathable sheets, duvets, pillowcases, and shams, made with Supima® cotton, are easy to maintain as you go about your ultra-busy life. You’ll feel the difference with the textured, organic bed covers in lively hues like white, stone, charcoal gray, light gray, blush, navy, and sky blue. The Luxury Suite includes sateen weave fabric, offering a soft and silky feel of elegance. Comfort washed bedding encompasses percale fabric, allowing for a casual and relaxed look. The polyester blend of the Easy Care collection is wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying.

Little White Nook

Wine Nook® – Fun Wine Box. Elegant Wine Box. Fun & Elegant Wine Accessories.

One of the most chill, most awesome contemporary additions to your upscale, off-campus condo, apartment, or loft would be Wine Nook®. The creators of this product have revolutionized and upgraded the boxed wine industry. Impress your guests with the original Wine Nook, Little Wine Nook, Limited Edition Barefoot Wine Nook, and the Metro Line Wine Nook.  Each dispenser holds a three-liter bag of your favorite wine and an ice pack. Personalize the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, or desired wine of your choice with chalk and label, which are included.  Quaint accessories include wine charms, Assorted Mermaid Glitter Cups, Assorted Wine FREEZE™ Cooling Cups by HOST®, Fountain Funnel, and Engraved Set of Four Stemless Glasses.

Fischer and Wieser Wines

Fischer & Wieser – Dry Riesling. Gewürztraminer. Sangiovese. König Red. Case’s Case.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of its famed, internationally renowned Das Peach Haus, award-winning Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, of Fredericksburg, Texas, introduces its Culinary Adventure Wine Collection to the world. It has won over 80 awards for its flavorsome sauces, condiments, and preserves. Invite colleagues, professors, and fellow students over to your home for an evening of elegant wine tasting, fine dining, and stimulating conversation about visiting lecturers or the news of the day. Acquaint them with these unique wines.  The Dry Riesling, a tribute to the company’s German heritage as the grape originated in Rhine, Germany, has a taste of zesty lime and pear and aromas of melon and orange blossom.  Consider pairing it with their Texas Caviar with Quinoa recipe made with Fischer & Wieser Champagne Honey Mustard. The Gewürztraminer, having an interesting name from a German-speaking village called Tramin, has the taste of sweet ginger, mango, and lychee. It would be nice to serve it with their Red Curry Shrimp & Pineapple recipe made with Fischer & Wieser Dr. Foo’s Thai Red Curry Sauce.

The Sangiovese, light-oak aged, is an earthy red wine with slight tastes of roasted tomato, cherries, and black pepper. Naturally roasted meats, tomato sauces with green herbs, and vegetables will pair well with it. Try their Italian Cubed Steaks recipe made with  Mom’s Organic Traditional Pasta Sauce. König Red, an equal blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, was aged utilizing hybrid oak barrels and had a mixture of plum, dark berry, and bold reds.  Serve it with dishes like their Grilled Quail recipe made with Four Star Black Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. Available EXCLUSIVELY at Das Peach Haus, the wine collection can be ordered by calling 866.997.8969. The tasty sauces and preserves can be ordered online via the website. Case’s Case, a selection of the company’s best-sellers, should be a staple in every household – most certainly in a home of professional students who enjoy frequent entertaining. stoneware collection – Collections. Bakeware. Drinkware. Serveware

Lifelong friends Andrew and Paul founded this crafted artisan stoneware company named for the ancient city of Carthage, which is located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. The ethically sourced pottery is created by Tunisian artisans. Consider an exquisite Tapas Set, Baking Dish Set, Bowl Set, Cup Drink Set, or Brunch Set in striking hues.  Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and lead-free impress professors, professional students, and other guests alike with the special collections. Plates and Bowls from the Dasani Collection are artistically and organically shaped. The La Marsa Collection offers a modern, stylish touch. Dinner Sets and Tapas Sets in the Zaghwan Collection are North African inspired.

ClevermadeCleverMade – SnapBasket Luxe Tote. Cardiff Backpack Cooler. Laundry Caddy.

CleverMade, the creators of innovative solutions for everyday life, presents contemporary products with intriguing tones that will make the lives of students so much easier. This is ideal for the professional earning advanced degrees in that they transport so many things at any given time. Whether reveling in a picnic in the park with friends, doing laundry, needing a recyclable bag for grocery shopping at the local Whole Foods, or having a cooler for tailgating and sports games, Clevermade has a carrier that fits the bill. The colorful, collapsible bags and crates make a statement. The heavy-duty Snap Basket Luxe Tote features vegan leather handles and the patented SnapHinge™. The new, unisex Cardiff Backpack Cooler, great for the beach, hiking, or a picnic, is leakproof, holds 24 cans as well as ice, and has interior and exterior pockets. Doing laundry is quite convenient with the varying caddies, baskets, hampers, and storage boxes.

Organic TraditionsOrganic Traditions – Energy. Relaxation. Antioxidants. Immunity.

For a wide range of reasons, as a professional attending institution of higher learning, eating superfoods is quite essential. Whether for men’s health or women’s health, there is an interest in foods and supplements that focus on metabolism, detoxification, digestion, sleep, wellness, and so on. Founded sixteen years ago, Organic Traditions is a superfood brand. Their unique, nutritional products include dried foods, greens & herbs, lattes & teas, nuts & seeds, powder, snacks, and butter & oils. Specific products include Cacao Powder, Golden Berries, Dark Chia Seeds, Yacon Syrup, Raw Coconut, Acai Berry Powder, Maca X-6 Black, and Red-Purple, Chocolate Latte, Banana Chocolate Fudge Bites, and Probiotic Super Greens with Turmeric.

Headleveler pillow

Headleveler – Customized Pillows. Pillows by Thickness. Travel Pillows.

A good night’s sleep is vital for the professional student. The Headleveler patented pillows, having seven distinct types of thicknesses, are specially crafted for individuals based on body size, sleep patterns, and sleep positions. Having three sections in each, the pillow is designed to offer comfort whether the person is a back sleeper or side sleeper. Types sold are customized pillows, by thickness pillows, travel pillows, and children’s pillows. With over 3 million sold over 30 years, the remarkable pillows are handmade, hypo-allergenic, washable, and designed for premium back, neck, and shoulder support.

Pro Light Dental Whitening System

Luster Premium White – Pro Light Dental Whitening. Pro Sonic Dental Whitening. Now Instant Whitening.

When you’re chatting with your professor and classmates, you want to have a dazzling smile. Although you’re on the go, you can have the luxury of getting a whiter, brighter smile in your own home. Luster Premium White’s products can whiten your teeth up to six shades in 30 minutes. The Pro Light Dental Whitening System has the patented dual power Xenon Whitening Light and Stain Lifting Serum. Other products include a 2-minute dental whitening system, Pro Sonic Dental Whitening System, Premium White AM/PM™ Whitening System, and Luster Now!

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