Summer is just around the corner, and you’ll probably want to spend a significant amount of time outdoors, either entertaining guests or just enjoying the excellent weather. We’re guessing your backyard could probably do with an upgrade, though, and we have some great ideas for how you can turn your ordinary backyard into a magical fairyland. We don’t want to bombard you with too many options, so here are three of the best landscaping ideas you can implement today.

1. The Power of Lighting

landscaping ideas

Lighting is a great constant when it comes to upgrades. Whether you’re giving your interiors a facelift or trying to make the outdoors pop, good lighting can make a huge yet inexpensive difference.

Lighting can help you create a unique atmosphere outdoors with plenty of drama and color. It can also keep things safe for your guests, especially if you have an outdoor pool.

There are plenty of options for the colors and wattage of the bulbs that work for different budgets. These options will bring different moods to your pool and landscape, creating what seems a different backyard at night from what you saw during the day.

LED lights, with their bright white lights, are perfect for illuminating plants. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs, with their soft and warm yellow light, work very well with pathways, stone walls, and large ornamental rocks. Meanwhile, spaces like dining areas, outdoor kitchens, and pool decks need proper illumination to make it easy for guests to navigate between them.

2. Water Features

landscaping ideas

Water features are perhaps the most underestimated backyard landscaping idea out there, and yet they are so powerful that a single water feature oasis can completely transform your backyard, says James Collins, owner of NBG Landscapes Sydney.

When choosing a water feature, the first and most important consideration should be the location. “This will be affected by a variety of factors, including proximity to utilities, splash patterns, the local flora and fauna, the prevailing winds, the available space, and so on,” says John Carpenter, the self-styled best plumber San Jose has to offer.

For any one of many different designs, both modern and traditional, you can even integrate the design with your pool design. You should also think about the level of sound with which you are most comfortable. For some, the constant sound of water can be very soothing and even helps to drown out traffic and other unpleasant urban noises. For others, a cascading waterfall would be too loud, and they would much rather prefer a soft trickle. It all depends on what tickles your fancy.

You also need to ensure the water feature looks like it belongs to your yard. As much as it’s supposed to create drama and contrast from everything else, it should share some elements with the rest of the backyard, or it will look like an alien. For example, you could build it from the same rocks that were used on the exterior of your home. Whatever you do, don’t have too many elements in your backyard, or it will begin to look a little too busy.

3. Backyard Fireplace

landscaping ideas

An outdoor fire bowl, stone pit, or full-fledged fireplace can do wonders for your backyard. For starters, it could turn your backyard into a family space where the entire family gathers to enjoy the warmth coming from the fireplace. It can be a central attraction for your outdoor space and serve to give your outdoor room both definition and privacy.

In this case, you’ve got plenty of options, ranging from simple fire bowls to large masonry fireplaces. Luckily, there are options for just about every budget.

Your landscape is ultimately a statement you make about your preferences and personality. Why not make the boldest and most beautiful statement you can then? These three landscaping ideas will help you turn a drab backyard into a fairytale wonderland that guests won’t be able to get enough of. With the help of the local tree expert, you can have the perfect backyard in no time.