A major part of distinct interior design is created by the kind of lights you choose. Apart from serving its main purpose to illuminate the space, lights can influence your mood.  

Create the right ambiance with the right lighting

Modern lighting has seen tremendous creativity with how lights are used across diverse interior spaces. We bring you four lamp designs that you can proudly show off while utilizing them in a smart way to light up your room.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights used to be just a bulb suspended from the ceiling. Modern designs and demands for unique display lights have now changed the way pendant lights are used. They are no longer plain janes. 

Pendant lights in unusual designs inspired by the modern love for abstract have been trending for years. These lights can be hung on top of a sculpture or a house plant in the corner of a room to bring attention to the pièce de résistance. Pendant lights are also great to decorate the hallway or the staircase for lighting up the way. 

Sconce lighting

Sconce Lights

Sconce or fixtures are smaller lights that can be used for dim lighting in the evenings. These work great as garden lights by providing just the right amount of visibility at night. They are usually used as backup lights with LED bulbs for energy saving. Contemporary sconces have also seen a major upgrade over the years. They are available in pretty colors and shapes. 

You can choose the frame and lights separately – warm lights for areas where you don’t need much visibility and white for places like the kitchen and dressing area or even your reading corner. Check out CA Modern Home for a range of designer sconce lights for any type of modern interior.

Wall Lamps

Minimalistic wall lamps are lights that can merge with the walls and interiors. These wall lamps can be installed as entirely self-lit structures for a backlit sort of display, behind your television or a painting. 

Square-shaped wall lamps or spheres stuck to the wall as main lights look chic and sophisticated. Choose from warm lights, white, or mood lights for your rooms based on the decor and usage. You can even install motion sensors in these wall lamps since the design is simple enough for the sensors to work.

Chandelier lighting


There is no one who isn’t awed by a grand chandelier in any type of interior. A beautiful crystal chandelier announces rich elegance and can lift the entire decor with its opulence. Modern chandeliers are designed to suit sleek, clean interiors. 

Nature-inspired designs of dewdrops, flower petals, cloud chandeliers, and clusters are some artsy options you can install to create a gorgeous setting in your home. 

Chandeliers in the bedroom look pretty classy too. These big light fixtures are visible from a distance, so learn the exterior angles of your house to strategically place these lights. Your home should look marvelously lit from the outside too. 

Light It Right

The designs you choose to light up parts of your home should be in sync with the rest of your interior. A smart way to achieve the desired look is to first find out the electric outlets and the amperes to make informed decisions while planning the lights. This one observation can make all the difference in how your interiors look in the end.