The future of aviation rests broadly on the shoulders of the electric movement and new aircraft are increasingly being added onto the fold. Eviation, a Washington-based, all-electric aircraft maker claims that its ‘Alice’ is the world’s first electric commuter aircraft. While certification and entry into service are expected in 2024, the Alice is a nine-passenger, two-crew member aircraft with no carbon emissions, lower noise, and also a promise of lower costs. In terms of its all-electric powertrain, there are two magni650 electric propulsion units from MagniX, a fly-by-wire system along a single-volume, high-energy-density Alice battery system.

However, of more interest to us is the ‘Executive’ version with a luxurious interior in a six-seater configuration model. The cabin design seems to be luxuriously decked out while it claims to be the ‘widest cabin in its class’ measuring 6 feet, 4 inches across. There are massive panoramic windows that are 22 inches high and 16.5 inches wide which further adds to the sense of space. Some practical touches include a wardrobe to stow jackets and other personal belongings, a side panel at each seat with a foldable table, personal power outlet, and USB slot plus a baggage compartment big enough to swallow skis, golfing equipment, or bicycles.

Eviation Alice Executive Cabin Design

Cabin quietness is of most importance for buyers of course and external noise is much reduced when compared to standard jets to a factor of more than 100 during takeoff and cruise compared to its jet-fueled counterparts. In terms of the range of this electric aircraft and its payload, it stands at 2,500 pounds and a range of 440 nautical miles.

“Alice’s executive cabin is the epitome of pure all-electric elegance, and a magnificent blend of beauty and technology,” said Eviation CEO Omer Bar-Yohay. “We are shaping the future of travel through electric aviation and it’s thrilling to offer a glimpse into what business travel can and will look like in the very near term. Our executive cabin concept elevates the industry standard for interior design for this class of aircraft.”

Eviation Alice Executive Cabin Design Render

“We have received tremendous inputs and interest from the marketplace in this specific configuration, which played an integral role in its creation,” said Eviation Vice President of Sales Jessica Pruss. “It is electrifying to introduce the design today and announce that we are currently taking orders for the aircraft that will be delivered in 2026.”

Alice will start its first flight in a matter of days while orders would be delivered by 2026 but on the evidence of its ‘Executive’ interior, it’s rather luxury aspirations include taking on the small executive jet category including the likes of the HondaJet Elite and more.  However, to take on these jets, the zero-emissions lure and the futuristic design do play a big part and showcase what future executive jets in this category would be like. However, the Alice with its limited range is still an executive jet for short flights and is meant to reduce emissions/costs in that aspect rather than being a typical mid-range jet.