In 1976 in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian furnishings brand Artefacto, founded by Albino Bacchi, has crafted high-quality, elegant and sustainable pieces that transformed international interior design,  and this June, Paulo takes the helm as CEO of Artefacto USA and Brand Advisor of Artefacto Brazil, while he introduces the first new collection under his design direction, titled Arte | 5 reflecting personalities, rather than design styles. He says “each line appeals to the senses in a unique way, engaging moods tailored to the setting they create.”Arte | 5 Second Generation for Brazilian Luxury Furnishing Brand Artefacto

Paulo’s favorite piece is the “Legacy Chair,” a classic lounge with ottoman, handsomely updated as a tribute to his father with a carbon steel frame and hand stitching in natural leather. In 1997, Paulo tripled the size of the business, and in 2002 he moved his family to the U.S. and brought the brand with him, growing to three expansive showrooms in Florida.

Arte | 5 Second Generation for Brazilian Luxury Furnishing Brand Artefacto

Inspired by his country, his two homes in Miami, and five distinctive moods, Arte | 5 is presented in five lines:

Arte | Canyon suggests the importance of open space and organic shapes in the home, inviting families to gather in natural settings. This grouping integrates versatile bleached woods, inspired by Miami Beach and the contemporary outdoors.

Arte | Hollywood 20/40 hearkens back to a bygone era of glitz and glamour with sumptuous curves, smooth leathers, and shapes inspired by the architecture of this defining time period.

Arte | Metropolitan echoes the lavish lifestyle of living in a big, bustling city, with such posh details as plush velvets and opulent silks.

Arte | Midnight Luxe
reflects understated elegance by virtue of chic, geometric silhouettes, and pops of tony shades, like emerald green.

Arte | Sartoria
 is influenced by what’s hot on the runway, with bespoke pieces and unique textures, such as woven, multi-hued leathers.