New York is etched in our minds for being a city that is vibrant and bursting with energy. Thus it seemed like the perfect canvas on which the immensely powerful Pininfarina Battista took its inspiration from. Each Battista Hyper GT would be unique and personalized to suit the client’s tastes to a higher degree. Unlike traditional hypercars, each Battista Hyper GT would be specially developed via the bespoke personalization program.

Pininfarina Battista Hypercar

Automobili Pininfarina has always been known for exclusive and bespoke vehicles hence that is exactly the same theme being carried on with its newest car. The involvement of the client starts from the design journey itself while the new Atelier space within the Cambiano production facility, which will open this year will be the place where clients will come and personalize their car with an extensive range of colors and material samples. This is right next to the assembly area too!

Pininfarina Battista Hypercar

The first such bespoke commission is inspired by New York and features exposed signature carbon bodywork as part of its red, white, and blue theme. The commission also includes Performance Stripes and Pinstripe finished in Bianco Sestriere metallic – applied by hand due to the complex shapes of the body panels – with a red Exterior Jewellery Pack.

Completing the exterior design is a Furiosa Carbon Accent Pack finished in Black Exposed Signature Carbon. Mixing composite materials with traditional coach-building techniques, the hand-painted finish for this one-off model takes hundreds of hours of expert attention.

For the first Bespoke commission, the ‘Impulso’ wheels are finished in Dark Matt Grey with brushed aluminum center-lock ring anodized in black, matching the black Goccia roof, rear diffuser, rear wing, and brushed aluminum headlight engraving.

Pininfarina Battista Hypercar

The interior provides further scope for personalization, with everything from the choice of leather and Alcantara to the contrast stitching, Interior Jewellery Pack, and aluminum interior trimmings. There is a total of 128 million combinations and there is also sustainable luxury in form of leather interior elements tanned with olive leaves- a process that reduces the need for harmful chemicals in the creation of every Battista.

The first Bespoke commission features Pilota seats finished in black leather upholstery with Iconica Blu  Alcantara with navy color inserts. In addition to the selection of 56 exterior paint finishes, Battista owners also have the opportunity to choose exposed carbon fiber bodywork, bespoke paint finishes for the ‘Goccia’ roof, exterior jewelry in the form of anodized finishes or bespoke paint, or a contrasting front end in the clients’ choice of color.

Pininfarina Battista Hypercar

The Carbon Accent Pack and Furiosa Carbon Accent Pack are available with a selection of bespoke paint colors or exposed carbon fiber finishes, complemented by the precise Furiosa pinstripe around the extremities of the bodywork.

In addition, the mirror caps, rear wing, brake calipers, alloy wheels – both Prezioso and Impulso designs – and center-lock rings can all be fully customized.  Even the engravings on the Battista chassis plate, located between the seats, can be personalized, along with a custom passenger-side door plate engraving.

The production runs for this electric hypercar are only limited to 150 units hence maintaining the exclusivity. The power figure for this hypercar is an astonishing  1,900 hp, along with a torque figure of 2,300 Nm.