Automobili Pininfarina is paying tribute to a true motorsport legend with an extraordinary new edition of their groundbreaking electric hyper GT – the Battista Edizione Nino Farina.

Get ready to witness the dynamic debut of this design marvel at the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed. Whizzing up the legendary hill is none other than former F1 star and Hillclimb record holder, Nick Heidfeld. As an advisor to Automobili Pininfarina, ‘Quick Nick’ has played a pivotal role in shaping the Battista story.

Building on the triumph of the limited-edition Battista Anniversario, this latest model shares the compelling story of racing legend Nino Farina, the very first F1 World Champion and nephew of the design maestro Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina. In a fitting twist of fate, the Battista Edizione Nino Farina will make its dynamic debut just a stone’s throw away from the historic Goodwood Circuit, where Nino clinched victory in the 1951 Goodwood Trophy, a legendary non-championship F1 race.

Limited to just five handcrafted exemplars for clients around the globe, each Battista Edizione Nino Farina boasts exquisite bespoke features, both inside and out, paying homage to the remarkable racing legacy of the Torino-born icon. Each car in this exclusive series represents a significant milestone in Nino Farina’s awe-inspiring racing career, ensuring that every collector will own a truly unrivaled Italian masterpiece of design.

Paolo Dellachà, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Pininfarina, passionately declared, “The Battista Edizione Nino Farina encapsulates the creativity of our brilliant Design Team, offering a heartfelt tribute to a legendary icon from the illustrious Pininfarina lineage. This is an untold tale highlighting the spirit and bravery of a man fueled by racing passion like no other.

“Our esteemed clients desire rarity, exclusivity, and the unparalleled craftsmanship reminiscent of Pininfarina’s renowned coach-built creations of yesteryears. The Battista Edizione Nino Farina bridges all these elements seamlessly while delivering the breathtaking performance that makes it the most powerful Italian car ever created – the monumental Battista. In our imagination, we envision Nino dreaming of driving alongside his uncle Battista, pushing the car to its limits, just as he did in every race.”

“Driving this car will be an experience much like pulling on the suit of a superhero, an exceptional and emotional experience is assured. I look forward to personally presenting the Battista Edizione Nino Farina at Goodwood Festival of Speed this year.”

Battista Edizione Nino FarinaHonoring a Legend

As an influential figure in the world of motorsport, Battista not only made his mark as the namesake of his company’s masterpiece but also played a pivotal role in shaping the career of his nephew, the future World Champion, Nino Farina. A young Nino, just 16 years old, sitting beside his uncle in his very first race. Little did they know that this experience would ignite a burning passion for competitive racing in Nino’s heart, propelling him to participate in numerous races and championships across Italy in the 1930s.

Nino Farina, representing the three-car team, made history as he competed in the first-ever Grand Prix races formally organized by the FIA – known today as the Formula One World Championship, and he emerged victorious, dominating the British, Swiss, and Italian races, ultimately securing the World Championship title.

Nino’s incredible driving skills, fearlessness, and unmatched love for the sport set him apart as a highly respected Formula One driver. In his debut season, he led his teammates to a breathtaking 1-2-3 finish at Silverstone and continued to shine, winning the prestigious Italian Grand Prix in September – a true legend in the making.

Each Edizione Nino Farina model is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and a touch of exclusivity. From the bespoke aluminum passenger door plate, elegantly anodized in black with five unique designs, to the thoughtful celebration of significant milestones in Nino Farina’s life – like his birth in 1906, his first F1 pole position and race victory, his triumph at the Swiss Grand Prix, his memorable win at the Italian Grand Prix, and, of course, his remarkable 1950 F1 World Championship victory.

Battista Edizione Nino FarinaCurated Exterior Design by Automobili Pininfarina

Battista’s flawless design – skillfully blending technological innovation and a nod to Pininfarina’s elegant heritage – has reached new heights with the Edizione Nino Farina and its awe-inspiring vintage-inspired look. Dave Amantea, the Chief Design Officer at Automobili Pininfarina, enthused, “This exclusive model pays tribute to Nino Farina’s bold and fearless spirit, celebrating his extraordinary triumphs in motorsport. It’s our homage to a legendary dynasty – to the man forever known as the first-ever Formula One World Champion and to our founder, the driving force behind his racing passion.”

Each vehicle is a testament to Nino’s unparalleled legacy, representing pivotal moments in his remarkable life. Drawing inspiration from these iconic moments, we’ve crafted a vehicle that’s destined to become the centerpiece of any collection. Its stunning Rosso Nino body color has been carefully chosen to evoke memories of the Italian racing red that adorned the cars in which he achieved his greatest victories. Every detail and design cue seamlessly integrates with Battista’s unmistakable style.

The distinctive exterior design boasts a bespoke Rosso Nino finish – a deep, rich red hue that pays homage to the vehicles Nino Farina raced throughout his illustrious career. Complementing the intricate body and Rosso Nino paint is a special livery on the lower body, featuring shades of Bianco Sestriere and Iconica Blu. The Bianco Sestriere and Iconica Blu accents extend to the bespoke pinstripe on the door mirrors and the underside of the rear wing, showcasing unique graphics, including a laurel wreath. Meanwhile, the rear panel proudly displays the number ’01’ in Bianco Sestriere.

For added exterior allure, the Furiosa Pack adds a revised carbon fiber front splitter, side blades, and rear diffuser – finished off with a striking Bianco Sestriere pinstripe. The Carbon Accent Pack, finished in Black Exposed Signature Carbon, further enhances the vehicle’s dark allure. The Goccia roof sports a dark finish, while the Exterior Jewellery Pack shines in brushed aluminum, anodized in black. These exquisite details are complemented by the black brake calipers and center lock rings, finished in brushed aluminum anodized in black. Completing the look are the new 10-spoke forged aluminum Glorioso alloy wheels, featuring an eye-catching Satin Gold finish.

Throughout the vehicle, you’ll find subtle nods to Nino Farina’s legacy. The bespoke ‘Nino Farina’ engraving on the headlight unit shines in brushed aluminum. This is just a glimpse of the captivating story that Edizione Nino Farina tells – a story of indomitable spirit, remarkable achievements, and timeless elegance.

Battista Edizione Nino FarinaBespoke Interior Creates Unique Driver and Passenger Environments

The bespoke two-tone interior is a sight to behold, featuring the driver’s seat in sleek black sustainable luxury leather and the passenger seat adorned in a captivating blend of beige and black Alcantara.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the Pilota seats, which boast a stunning quilting pattern and proudly display the iconic ‘Nino Farina’ on the backrest. The driver’s seat exudes a sense of elegance with its embroidered laurel wreath and striking ’01’ graphic in gold, while the Pininfarina logo on the passenger seat catches the eye with its vibrant touch of red. Both seats are enhanced by the Rosso Nino-painted backs, harmoniously complementing the exterior bodywork.

Every detail has been meticulously crafted to perfection, extending even to the Iconica Blu seatbelts that elegantly accentuate the upholstery. The center tunnel, dashboard, and seats boast a bespoke duotone contrast stitch in beige and red, adding an extra layer of sophistication. The steering wheel, enveloped in black Alcantara with Exposed Carbon, is a marvel to behold, its brushed aluminum 12 o’clock ring tastefully contrasting in red. Not to be outdone, the steering wheel plate proudly bears the ‘Nino Farina’ signature, finished in brushed black anodized aluminum. Step back and admire the interior’s dark allure with the Interior Jewellery Pack, featuring exquisite brushed black anodized aluminum accents.

Prepare to be enchanted by the exclusive and intricate interior touches specific to the Edizione Nino Farina. The black anodized chassis plate pays homage to the iconic figure himself, emblazoned with a bespoke ‘Nino Farina’ dedication. And to add a personal touch, each bespoke passenger door plate is a remarkable piece of art unique to every vehicle.

Battista Performance

This exceptional hyper GT is the world’s first pure-electric sensation, powered by a cutting-edge 120 kWh lithium-ion battery, artfully enclosed within a lightweight carbon fiber shell.

Unleashing its might are four high-performance electric motors, each propelling a wheel with precision. With Full Torque Vectoring and Electronic Stability Control, paired with a software differential that allows for personalized power delivery and unparalleled handling, the driving experience is unlike anything before. And let’s not forget the T-shaped liquid-cooled battery pack, positioned centrally for a remarkably low center of gravity.

Prepare to be awestruck by the Battista’s launch control technology, propelling it from 0 to 60mph in a jaw-dropping 1.79 seconds, and reaching 0-100km/h in a mind-bending 1.86 seconds. With every second, the Battista continues to amaze, blazing from 0-120mph in just 4.49 seconds and hitting 0-200 km/h in an astonishing 4.75 seconds. To match the excitement, the Battista boasts the title of the fastest braking EV in the world, going from 100-0 km/h in a mere 31 meters.

Take a moment to absorb the astounding performance data of the Battista:

– 1,900 hp (1,400 kW)
– 2,340 Nm of torque
– 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 1.86 seconds and a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph)
– Up to 476 km of driving range (296 miles, WLTP combined), with the US EPA measuring up to 300 miles

The Battista flawlessly combines the exhilaration of a hypercar with the luxury and comfort of a classic GT. With all-wheel drive and a selection of five driving modes to suit your desires – Calma, Pura, Energica, Furiosa, and Carattere – it’s a symphony of performance and refinement. Get ready to immerse yourself in an electrifying experience like never before.