Private jet provider BitLux shares the latest information, true and false, on business air’s role during coronavirus. Spoiler alert: It does not prevent the spread of the virus.

The coronavirus has flooded the media and public opinion with information. Both valuable and fact-based but also misleading. The same has happened with reports on private aviation being a barrier for spreading the virus, almost acting as a savior for travelers needing to get home. Truth to be told, private aviation has had a positive role to play, nevertheless “things can’t be blown out of proportion,” as Palm Beach-based BitLux CEO Kyle Patel has stated.

Private aviation has several traits that help clients control a larger extent of their travel experience. For starters, passengers choose with whom to travel, which helps to control, in a way, the spreading of the disease. Nevertheless, passengers still need to embark at an FBO (private terminal) and engage with personnel. And who can assure that all the passengers that will fly in that plane do not have coronavirus? They certainly do not have testing kits on FBO’s. So yes, being able to decide who sits next to you might potentially help to reduce spread but does not assure you won’t get the virus.

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What about the aircraft? How will a passenger know it was thoroughly disinfected? Private jet charter company BitLux takes passenger safety very seriously. It ensures that every private jet operator or broker that has solid health and safety protocols will make all the precautions to deliver a clean and sterilized aircraft. “Cleanness should be the norm in this industry. Unfortunately, it isn’t, due to the lack of personnel and procedures from some providers in the market. At BitLux, we thrive on delivering a spotless plane for every passenger, which I think is the bare minimum due to the standards and high expectations of our clientele”, notes CEO Kyle Patel.

An undebatable fact is an increase in demand for business aircraft around the world, the main reason being the restriction on commercial aviation imposed in many countries. While, for instance, the U.S. Government has shut commercial aviation coming from Europe, U.S. residents still need a means of transportation to cross the Atlantic. And as commercial airlines have ceased most routes to the states, private aviation is the way to “cross the pond” for hundred of their citizens in Europe. The same with flights within the U.S. Business trips serve as an option to get to smaller airports in regions not yet entirely affected and without harsh travel bans.

Nevertheless, private aviation passengers still need to connect with the world for ground transportation to and from the terminal, engage with the flight crew, FBO staff, and potentially other passengers waiting to board their charter jet on the same FBO. Again, there might be a smaller probability of spread because of the known traits of this market, but by no means, it is the cure for prevention. Stating the previous is irresponsible.

Here is a list of how private aviation can help reduce spread:

  • Avoids massively concurred airports.
  • No massive customs screenings.
  • Embarks from private terminals.
  • Ramp access to drive straight to the aircraft.
  • Select fellow passengers.
  • Personalized customs screenings.
  • Fewer passengers on the aircraft.

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