Mark it in your diary, on the 18th of May it’s World Whisky Day, and what better way than to celebrate with Rampur. The Indian brand leading the New World Whisky Movement, we learn more about it.

About Rampur Indian Single Malt Whiskies
Rampur Indian Single Malt Whiskies are a range of luxury whiskies produced by one of India’s oldest distilleries, Rampur Distillery. Rampur Distillery is owned by Radico Khaitan, which was established in 1943 and is the largest Indian beverage company. Radico Khaitan is also one of the oldest whisky distillers in India and Rampur Distillery has been distilling high-quality and innovative malt for over 25 years.

Rampur Cask Warehouse
Rampur Cask Warehouse

Rampur Double Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky
Rampur Double Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky is a hand-crafted single malt whisky matured for two-thirds of its life in hand-selected American Bourbon barrels and one-third in European Oak Sherry cask. It is presented in an embossed sand and copper drum, reflecting the brand’s heritage. Delicate balsamic vanilla notes from the American white oak compliment the full-bodied aroma whilst rich caramel, dried dark fruits, and spiced tonality from the European oak add to the depth of flavor.

Rampur Double Cask Gift Pack Open Box

What makes New World Whiskies from India exciting?
The Himalayas provide polar opposite climate conditions throughout the year, which means that Indian whisky matures significantly more quickly than other whiskies such as Scotch and Irish whiskies. As Rampur Distillery is situated close to The Himalayas, the cold winters and hot summers give their whiskies added dimension and produce single malts with depth of flavour which are smooth and mellow tasting with a long-lasting finish.