The pandemic has increased the demand for private aviation along with added concerns regarding safety along health. Demand for private jets has increased and the midsize jet segment has seen further demand along with new competition brewing in the skies. Bombardier has been a popular name and its Challenger series has been its mainstay. The Challenger 350 has been a staple in the Super Mid-size Business Jet space. However, no competition from Embraer, Gulfstream, and Citation means the new Challenger 3500 has loads of competition to fend off. The name itself shows the evolution of this aircraft and a lot of technology has been added in. Crucial to the times we live in, the new Challenger 3500 also comes with sustainability built into its core DNA.

This next-generation midsize aircraft comes with a redesigned cabin along with giving options to its owners to design the interior with sustainable materials. Also, a lot of the luxury features seen on the bigger Challenger 7500 have made their way into the 3500 too. The well-being of the environment and reducing carbon footprint is crucial and is now a part of the buyer’s demands along with more comfort. One of the highlights of the new cabin includes the patented Nuage seat now added here. These seats feature a deep recline, a tilting headrest along a floating base. Other changes include a reduced cabin altitude of 4,850 ft at 41,000 ft- meaning a marked 31% improvement when compared to its predecessor.

Bombardier Challenger 3500

There are new luxury amenities added in since owners want such features. Chief of which includes the industry’s first voice-controlled cabin to manage lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems along with the first wireless chargers throughout the cabin and a 24-inch, 4K display. This display is also the largest in its class. Other changes include more haptic-style buttons and less clutter.

In terms of sustainability, Bombardier claims that the Challenger 3500 aircraft will have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in an effort to reduce the aircraft’s life cycle environmental footprint. A new eco app with tools to optimize flight plans and reduce fuel burn is also there.

Bombardier Challenger 3500
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“We are thrilled to launch a business jet that features all the best-selling elements of the Challenger platform – an impressive performance, consistent reliability, exceptional smooth ride – while elevating the cabin experience for our customers,” said Éric Martel, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier. “Building on the success of the unrivaled Global 7500 business jet cabin, the Challenger 3500 aircraft prioritizes what our customers value most: a truly exceptional cabin experience.”

Expect an Entry-into-service by the second half of 2022 and it is clear that this new jet follows in the footsteps of the flagship Global 7500. You can seat 10 passengers in luxury while the environmentally-conscious buyer will also approve along with a price-tag similar to the earlier 350. It is clear that Bombardier wants to maintain the lead and appeal of the 3500 and the extra features do sweeten the deal further. Overall, the Challenger 3500 does stake a claim at midsize business jet honors.