The Cirrus Vision Jet is a small, single-engine, carbon fiber private jet, and at $2 million, it’s the most affordable private jet in the world. With a range of 1,150 miles while cruising at 345 mph and 28,000 feet, the small business jet has room for up to five adults.

At 30.7 feet long and 10.9 feet tall with a 38.7-foot wingspan, the jet features a single Williams International FJ33-5A turbofan engine mounted on a top of the fuselage and a distinct V-tail. Producing 1,800 pounds of thrust, the jet nozzle is angled slightly upward but doesn’t blast the rear fuselage with hot exhaust.

The surprisingly roomy cabin (5.1 feet wide and 4.1 feet tall) with large windows, features a comfortable leather lined interior with USB plugs and even an optional overhead entertainment system. Needing just 2,036 feet of runway to take off, the carbon fiber jet also is inclusive of a cargo compartment behind the passenger cabin.

Designed for single-pilot operation and to be easy to fly for owners who are not professional pilots, the intuitive glass cockpit by Garmin features three touchscreens, a push-button starter, and augmented reality synthetic vision technology once airborne.

The smallest business jet on the market has also become the year’s most delivered with 41 examples worldwide of the SF50 through the end of September.