No matter the reason, or lack of it, deciding to start running might be the best decision that you have made both for your body and mind. There are innumerable positive reasons to tie your shoe lashes and take the plunge. Most of them are beneficial to your health.

Running improves your general condition and stamina, helps you lose weight, improves your cholesterol level, and balances your blood pressure as well. And when it comes to mindful benefits, running enables you to fight off depression and makes you feel happier and mentally stronger. Whether you are starting to run to lose weight, get stronger, live healthier, or to create a new habit, motivation, and determination will help you stay on the right track. And here is how.

runner goals

Start mildly

If you are not much of a sporty time, or you haven’t been training any sport for a long time, you probably may want to start running in short intervals. Even if you’re going to run a marathon, trying to run 5 kilometers tracks is going to de-motivated you yet more. You will finish the one-hour’s track in two hours if you start ambitiously, and above all, you will feel completely drained and exhausted. Therefore, as a novice runner, you shouldn’t plan on running the entire distance in one go. The best idea would be to delegate your running time in short intervals and gradually increase your running sections. In that way, you will be more motivated to continue knowing that you can complete each track in perfect time.

Set a clear goal

Like with everything else in life, you need to have clear objectives. Whether it is to boost your stamina, lose weight, improve your health, or run a marathon, by setting a clear mental goal, you won’t give up that easily when things get tough. Just know that there is a solution to everything. If you start feeling weaken as you run, you only need to take magnesium and hydrate more. By intaking quality and nutritious food, you will fuel your body and get more willing to advance better. As a beginner, only registering to a race can be a compelling motivational factor. And once you cross the finish line, you will never want to give up running.

quality runner shoes

Get quality equipment

This goes without saying. No matter if you are a rookie runner or a pro, you need to have comfortable running shoes, socks, shorts, and other equipment. Specially designated sporting equipment exists or a reason. You cannot go running in everyday shoes because they are not flexible and stretchy enough, and you can easily twist an ankle and hurt yourself.

Keep a steady pace

One thing that lessens the motivation is not being able to run as fast as other professional runners. It can be daunting when you are falling behind other runners either because you can’t seem to catch your breath, or because you are too slow. But this is something that should never put you down. When you are just commencing your running adventure, it is perfectly normal not to be able to run fast. You will more likely be able to run faster by first running at your very own tempo. Slowly, steadily and surely. After a month or two of active running, you will gradually increase your pace and in no time, be able to beat other runner’s time.

Don’t cave in

You will have cramps, sore muscles, a blister on one or both feet, headaches, lack of air, and many other aches that may make you quit. Here is where you need to find time to delegate your running time and stay tenacious. Running is a technically challenging sport. Since you are a beginner, you need to learn how to breathe correctly, on every two steps you inhale deeply and then exhale faster. What is more, short easy steps will make your running more productive, and you won’t have that many aches or blisters. Try to run relaxed, with your back straight and proper form.

Two women athletes running

Get a running buddy

It is hard to stay motivated when you are just starting your running journey because there will be more factors that will make you want to quit rather than proceed. Heavy rain, scorching hot weather, or boredom can impede you from your regular running routine. The tremendous motivational thing is to find a running companion. Call a friend or two to join you in your running expedition, or schedule your run with your cousin, next-door neighbor, or spouse. Can’t get them to run with you? Don’t give up just yet; sign up for a local running club. You will undoubtedly find similar-minded people willing to accompany you in your run.

runner listening to music

Play some riveting tune and have fun

Everybody loves to do the things they enjoy. And if running is not your cup of time, while listening to funky and engaging music is, then why not combine them both? Get your headphones on, put some entertaining playlist that will make your mood skyrocket, and go running. You won’t think about running as an activity that you have to do, but as a way to relax and unlock your spiritual, emotional, and physical potential.

No matter the time or place you go running, any time is a good time. Running indeed is a whole-body activity, and after a long run, you will have more energy and strength to conquer the world if necessary.