There is an old golfing adage which is ringing truer and truer in these high-tech dominated times.

The better the player you want to be, the more pockets you need in your golf bag.

Golf is all about numbers. So often now you are judged not on your net score but your storage options. Once, people were impressed with the number of apartments you owned in Monaco or New York. Now it’s how many compartments your golf bag has.

Luxury Golf Leather Bag Brown Ostrich
Luxury Golf Leather Bag Brown Ostrich. Courtesy of Treccani Milano

Time was that a green fee tag from the Old Course, St Andrews, or Pebble Beach were status symbols and a sign of success and affluence. Now it’s not what clubs you use but what you carry them in. A golf bag is now just as much a necessity as an alligator skin briefcase and Italian leather travel luggage.

The secret to on-course success is having a bag which costs more than your clubs.

Canada-based “Treccani Milano” offers super-luxury golf bags with as many zipped pockets and tee loops as you want.  Their Calfskin bag retails at £7324. Their Black Alligator at £22,500. The same for a Brown Ostrich bag,  The makers of bespoke shirts and leather accessories are based in Yorkville, Toronto. To complete the look, check out their 1,1000 Verona Deer Skin golf shoes.

Louis Vuitton Golf Bag
Louis Vuitton Golf Bag. Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s can tailor make you a snazzy golf bag.  It takes six months. You can also get their $650 Andrews golf kit which comprises three monogrammed golf balls and four tees. And a metal hook for easy transportation.

Further accessories for your customized bag? Gold towel grommet to hold your personalized velour trifold golf towel. Maybe Hermes. But, preferably an anti-fungal fabric PGA Frogger Amphibian, JP Lamm jacquard weave American Flag or your novelty “May The Course With You” Giggle Golf towel or their equally humorous “Get In The Hole Bitch!” comedy putter cover.

Treccini Luxury Golf Bag
Treccini Luxury Golf Bag. Courtesy of Treccini Milano

Then, all you need is a Bath & Son’s gold putter, a high-end, top-of-the-range 15’ Calloway C1040 Golf Ball Retriever,  a $150,000 sleek and futuristic golf cart, or $1200 Motocaddy 2020 M7 Ultra Lithium electric trolley. You could have a red-faced Scottish caddy on a retainer.

Your golf bag should always have two umbrella holders – one to hold your umbrella and the other to hold the Champagne. A limited-edition diamond-encrusted golf ball marker might be a good idea too. What does one more tiny extravagance matter if it’s going to up your game?