Exquisite detail. Opulent grandeur. Luxurious comfort. These definitions that are always appropriate when describing the design work of Haleh Design, Inc. of Potomac, Md.

Unlike many interior designers who limit their creative contributions to simple gestures: suggestions on floor and wall coverings; advice on window treatments or help with accessories, Haleh Design provides clients comprehensive design services. Their highly acclaimed team works on the design of a home from its inception, beginning with the siting of the house itself on the property and the conception of the exterior façade.  

“The exterior of the residence sets the tone for the entire home,” says Principal and Lead Designer, Haleh Alemzadeh Niroo.

Niroo encourages her clients to give careful consideration to matching the property choice of a new home with the style and size of home they desire to live in. Buying property without the consultation of your home’s designer and architect could limit your design options. Designing an exterior façade that will fit with the flavor of the neighborhood in which the home is built can also be an important consideration, according to Niroo, especially when it comes to resale value.

Niroo grew up in the design world in a very literal fashion. The daughter of a textile executive and innovator who worked with high quality silks and upholstery fabrics, her life was shaped from the outset by design immersion. Her international travels and education in Switzerland and France further prepared her for her formal studies in architectural and interior design. Niroo’s clients, however, are her greatest inspiration. It is their vision and dreams she has the privilege to birth into reality.

To ensure continuity between design and construction, Haleh Design, Inc. partners with Niroo Masterpieces, the construction firm owned by her husband, David, to offer fully integrated services to their clients for both new construction and renovation projects. This marriage of minds and industry creates a seamless synergy that is evident in the stress-free flow of each project’s progression, from conception to final completion. Not a single detail is overlooked: Clients know that every craftsman working on their project has been personally selected to provide the excellence that both sides of the partnership pride themselves in delivering.

When asked to consider renovation projects, Haleh Design finds the kitchen and the master bath most frequently require updating. “These two areas are spaces key to resale,” says Niroo. “The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home.”

For example, homeowners renovating with an eye toward selling often overlook the importance of including high-end plumbing and appliances in their kitchen plan.  “These are the essential functional elements of the kitchen,” says Niroo. “Cutting your renovation budget in that area can negatively affect the appeal of the entire kitchen, and thereby, the home as well.”  She also advises updating the family room, master bath and closet to add resale value.

Exquisite detail and layered elements characterize Niroo’s interiors. Timeless beauty and high-tech convenience co-exist; the finest in modern home technology is incorporated discreetly into the construction and classical finishes.

Haleh Design envisions comprehensive projects and advances them to completion on all fronts, setting the standard for luxurious living, combined with comfort, through the entire northeastern U.S. Great design, whether in new construction or renovation, demands that creativity, oversight and technology work together. Through years of experience executing successful projects, Haleh Design has developed an extensive network of experts and artisans to streamline the design, renovation and construction process. They deliver the finest services available to clientele who seek and deserve personalized attention for every aspect of their construction or renovation project, from spatial layout to the selection of fine furniture and accessories.