What’s the secret to home staging? Here, John Taylor, the go-to agency for all luxury real estate in Monaco, shares insider tips on how to sell your home faster and for a better price.

Monaco luxury real estate agency John Taylor shares insider tips on how to sell your home faster and for a better price.

John Taylor Villa Hermosa shares why home staging is important
Why is home staging important?

Home staging means preparing a property for the retail market and usually involves renovating, decorating, and ‘room dressing.’ The goal is to improve a property’s appeal by making it a welcoming, appealing place that any buyer can see themselves living in. Done well, home staging can speed up the selling process and secure a higher value for a property.

An empty, untouched room can be very hard to envision as a home, but with renovations and good furniture, a building can be easily transformed into looking at its best.

John Taylor's Villa Hermosa 3rd floor bathroom
Which rooms are most important when renovating?

Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms to pay close attention to when home staging. Why? Because these are the rooms in which you really can make a difference.

Renovating a bedroom or living area is typically a pretty standard affair, but with a bathroom, there are so many ways to make the space feel luxurious and modern. From selecting the stone, to standout features that make prospective buyers fall in love, to luxury units such as rainfall showers and freestanding baths, the bathroom sets the tone for the rest of the apartment.

A new kitchen also makes a world of difference when trying to sell, as this is an area where hygiene is of the utmost importance, not to mention one where technology moves fairly quickly. What’s more, as many buyers know, bathrooms and kitchens are difficult to redo without ripping everything out; by fitting new ones, you are saving them a huge job in the future.

John Taylor's Villa Hermosa ultimate top tips for decorating
John Taylor’s ultimate top tips for luxury home staging

  • Keep it neutral. You may well have interested buyers with an eclectic range of styles, and if you try to placate them, all you will never succeed. So, go for neutral tones such as beige and white, which are very fashionable at the moment, with marble stonework to give your property that extra elegance.
  • Know where to splash out and where to save. You may think that when home staging for luxury real estate, in Monaco or another wealth hub, using the most expensive materials is essential. This isn’t always true – for example, sometimes the nicest looking stone can be reasonably priced.

The things to spend on are the furniture, which helps sell the lifestyle, the kitchen, as already noted, and the flooring. Flooring is another very important aspect of any renovation, as it is something that you feel under your feet from the moment you step into the property. It needs to be solid and stable and to look and sound good.

  • Some may think why buy brand new furniture for a property just to have to move it all when the place is sold? However, there is actually a solid market of buyers who are more than happy to pay more to have the furniture included in the sale – as long as it suits their tastes, of course. Don’t be scared to add this as an optional extra when putting your property on the market.

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