It feels like technology has taken over, with the majority of Americans owning a smartphone and the Internet being central to communication, business, and personal endeavors. With pretty much everyone having similar devices — Gartner suspected that there would be 6.4 billion connected ‘things’ in 2016 — how can you be different? Especially if you have some extra disposable income, standing out with your tech investments is usually important. Let’s take a look at a few flashy gadgets that will turn heads and ensure you’re a little different.

Beosound 2

BeoSound 2

Priced at close to $2000, the BeoSound 2 is a large stand-up, stainless steel speaker that has sound and capabilities to boost your audio experience. Looking almost futuristic, the speaker has a number of music services built-in including Spotify, and it also connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or AirPlay. Even cooler is that it has a multi-room functionality. By connecting to other devices in your home, you can either play different music in different rooms or have the same thing playing throughout the whole house. Besides all the extra features, at its foundation, the BeoSound has superb sound quality, with its Acoustic Lens Technology creating a 3D surround sound feel no matter where the speaker is placed. You can transfer this experience to your TV too so that your viewing experience is enhanced as well.

The Emperor Chair 1510

Emperor 1510 Workstation

Whether you work from home or are looking to optimize your company’s office, the Emperor 1510 Workstation is a state-of-the-art work environment perfectly suited for those who sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time. Constructed in a scorpion shape, the station has a steel structure, tilting capabilities, built-in audio, and LED lighting, plus an Iron Horse 3000 seat that offers the latest ergonomic design for long-lasting comfort. When purchasing, you also have the option to personalize your station and adjust computer levels to suit your needs. The result is an ergonomically optimized, completely immersive work experience that makes time at your desk take less of a toll on your mind and body.

Samsung Galaxy Noted8

Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with the S Pen, which allows you to control your phone, including taking notes without unlocking your phone and sending handwritten messages. It has a 12MP back camera and an 8MP front camera so that you can take crisp photos, as well as Optical Image Stabilization so that you can shoot in the dark or at a distance and still get a great shot. For even more convenience, the phone has an 83 percent screen-to-body ratio so that you’re not squinting at small text or struggling to type.

There are so many different devices coming out each day that can make our lives easier. If you have some extra cash and are tired of being the same, invest in some of these flashier technologies — you’ll not only get a better experience but you’ll definitely see some extra attention.