120 years after blazing a trail as a renowned sports car brand, the prestigious Triumph Motor Company is back in the spotlight with a ground-breaking concept: the electric TR25. Crafted by the acclaimed automotive design house, Makkina, this stunning creation pays tribute to the iconic ‘Jabbeke’ Triumph TR2. In May 1953, the legendary MVC575 shattered the land speed record for production cars under two liters, cementing its place in history.

Makkina TR25 Triump conceptNow, after 70 years since its record-breaking achievement and a century, since the Triumph name first adorned a production car, the brand takes center stage once again. Reinvented as the Triumph TR25 by Makkina, this enthralling masterpiece unveils a fresh and modern design direction, while staying true to the craftsmanship and innovation synonymous with the Triumph legacy.

Makkina TR25 Triump conceptUnveiled with great fanfare in London, the TR25 embodies the spirit of its record-breaking counterpart with a contemporary twist. Meticulously maintaining the iconic proportions that define the Triumph brand, Makkina has ingeniously infused the TR25 with the characteristics that made the MVC575 a truly extraordinary car. From the sleek and aerodynamic exterior to the signature twin headlights that have become synonymous with Triumph sports cars, every aspect of this awe-inspiring vehicle captures the essence of automotive excellence.

Makkina TR25 Triump conceptBut what sets the TR25 apart is its platform – the all-electric BMW i3S. This ingenious choice not only provides the ideal foundation for handling and performance but also allows Makkina to achieve an impressive near 50-50 weight distribution. Coupled with a low center of gravity and compact proportions, the TR25 promises to deliver the exhilarating cornering and agility expected from a true sports car.

Makkina TR25 Triump conceptThe lineage of the ‘Jabbeke’ TR2, the car that redefined speed, still thrives within the TR25. Its iconic pale blue-green hue, sleek bodywork, and driver-focused single-seat configuration with an optional flip-out jump seat pay homage to the original triumph of British engineering. Today, the historic MVC575 takes its well-deserved place at the renowned British Motor Museum in Gaydon, UK.

Makkina TR25 Triump conceptWith Makkina’s unrivaled expertise, the electric TR25 is ready to pen a new chapter in the captivating tale of British sports car heritage. This remarkable fusion of groundbreaking design, exceptional performance, and eco-friendly technology promises to ignite a new era of triumph for both automotive enthusiasts and environmental advocates alike.