Salon Privé Week is known for its modern supercars, iconic racers, great classics, and the latest concepts. However, this year will also see the sights and sounds of hot rods created by the Rolling Bones jostling alongside the classics. Based in an old cow barn in Upstate New York, the Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop is run by Ken Schmidt and Keith Cornell, owners and enthusiasts who have been creating bespoke works of automotive art for more than 20 years. 

They produce hot rods that can be driven during the week but are bordering on being a full-on race car. Raw, pure, and built to be used, they perfectly evoke the golden era of hot-rodding. Hot-Rodding was born in the years immediately following World War Two when American servicemen returned from duty converted their old Fords into these creations of speed and also art. The Ford cars of that era were popular because they were cheap and plentiful during that era.   

Hot Rodders at Salon Privé
Credit Peter Vincent

Of course, Ford’s are central to the hot rod culture and The Rolling Bones only use their car since they are the only ‘true hot rods’. They also like to preserve and celebrate the art of hot-rodding with maintaining the Patina and the unique design ethos of these cars.  Rolling Bones’ creations will add a new and exciting layer to the Salon Privé Week celebrations. Their exciting and rebellious element which is part of hot rod folklore will give this event a distinctive touch. 

‘Built-in small numbers, Rolling Bones hot rods are superbly engineered works of art,’ said Salon Privé Concours Chairman Andrew Bagley, ‘and will proudly take their place on the lawns of Blenheim Palace. They’re noisy, they’re brash, and I can’t wait to see them parading through Woodstock during Salon Privé LIVE. Bringing a group of them together will be a fabulous sight, and hearing them run will really capture everyone’s imagination.’ 

Hot Rodder at Salon Privé

This year’s Salon Privé Week will once again host a number of UK, European and global debuts. There will also be first-class hospitality and retail therapy courtesy of the most exclusive luxury brands, plus a brand-new element for 2021 – Salon Privé TIME, which will showcase the world’s leading watchmakers. 

The action gets underway on Wednesday with the prestigious Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance, which welcomes more than 100 of the world’s finest cars across nine carefully curated classes. Friday is Ladies’ Day presented by Boodles and is the time to see and be seen, with hats of every shape and size dotted all over the lawn.  

That’s followed on Saturday by the Salon Privé Club Trophy presented by Lockton – the largest club-only event in the UK – and the finale of Salon Privé Week is Sunday’s Classic and Supercar event.