With a sleek twist on the outdoor patio, The Romotow Trailer aims to lead the mobile home revolution and make camping cool again. Leading design architects, W2, in Christchurch New Zealand created The Romotow for today’s innovation savvy generation with a contemporary mobile living design.

Far from the boxy and cumbersome hybrid travel trailer and caravan concept of yesteryear, the trailer offers a radical departure to put it in a class of its own. Promising a stress free, spacious and comfy escape for all sorts of exciting outdoor adventures, The Romotow features an automated swivel, to reveal up to 70% more of a synthetic teak–floored patio floor area to enjoy.

Mirroring the shape of a USB flash drive, the lightweight, composite-bodied Romotow camper is able to rotate outwards 90 degrees with the push of a button. Made of a light carbon fiber and the body structure being molded using advanced composites, the lighter weight of the trailer leads to better gas mileage for the tow vehicle. Other features of the advanced trailer include: power assisted braking, pneumatic shocks, gyro assisted self-levelling pads and struts, and a rear mounted camera.

Romotow trailer

Inside there’s 290sf of living space, the cabin can sleep four adults, two in a rear bedroom and two other people in a front sleeping area. There is also a central kitchen and bathroom and the entire roof of the U-section features solar panels to feed a 400Ah battery.

With a projected price of $350,000, fit-out variations can include: a sheltered BBQ deck area for entertaining and relaxing, a windbreak, sliding doors, louvered windows, stylish and easy clean furniture, and more.