Mattress hunting is always an aggravating task, given its annoyingly high price and the need for ultimate comfort. But you let yourself go through this irksome situation because you always want to sleep longer and more comfortably, to wake up well-rested the next morning for your busy day. But the elite class takes it to another level by buying comfortable sleep and investing in advanced climate control systems such as bedjet v3 for a luxury sleeping experience. The mattress world has a different emanation of its own, which gets what it wants and delivers. 

Now you might be wondering what it takes to make a mattress so expensive. Apart from the highest quality of materials used to manufacture them, the designs are tailored and custom made to give the user the highest rest experience anyone can get. The prices for high-quality mattresses begin from $1500 and can go up to $150,000. It sounds insane, but these expensive mattresses are bought by several people frequently. 

Here are some of the most expensive mattresses in the world and why each one earns its spot on our list:

Vividus by Hastens mattress
courtesy of Hastens

Vividus by Hastens

With experience in mattress and bed making for more than 150 years, Hastens is a Swedish industry leader with a well-established presence in the mattress world. With every mattress handcrafted, you can imagine the attention to detail it carries. Hastens is also known for inventing the pocket spring system, which is quite commonly used around the world now. The average age of each Hastens mattress lasts around 45 years, making it a worthwhile investment. 

The company uses natural materials such as cotton, horsehair, yarn, flax, and mohair, to manufacture their mattresses. The lining between the springs is made using flax, making a soundproof partition between them, hence making no noise. It is then hand-tied through yarn, after which the frame is set in place. Since their mattresses are handcrafted and hand-stitched, it takes around 150 man-hours to maker a single mattress. 

One of their most important and probably largest versions are the Vividus, which comprises 440 pounds of cotton, mohair, horsehair, and yarn. This mattress requires almost double the amount of time required to make a normal Hastens mattress. This camping mattress requires almost double the amount of time to make a normal Hastens mattress. The lining is obviously made of flax, and the frame is composed of strong Swedish redwood.

Several hotels have already pre-booked the Vividus, and it can cost around $140,000. The company claims it to be their best model, and if used once, no other mattress would align to its quality and comfort. 

Palais Royal Kluft Mattress
courtesy of Palais Royal Kluft Mattress

The Palais Royal by Kluft

Kluft is another mattress king in the arena of bed making. Kluft mattresses are sought after because they use the finest materials, their meticulous attention to detail, the use of the best craftsmanship, and the utilization of the latest technologies. And with the introduction of this particular model is definitely redefining regality. 

Composed of 10 layers, this mattress is bound to be one of the most intricately designed pieces amongst other Kluft models. It uses mohair, silk, 10 pounds of cashmere, and wool straight from New Zealand. You would not hear the tiniest creak from this mattress because the many springs within are surrounded by hand-sewn cotton. It can cost you anywhere between $40,000 to $60,000, depending on the delivery’s shipping and location. The Palais Royal’s manufacturing location in California, and it can live up to almost 15 years.

Masterpiece Superb by Vispring
courtesy of Vispring Mattresses

Masterpiece Superb by Vispring

When you buy any mattress from Vispring and place it in your bedroom, it not only ups the resting and sleeping comfort level but also escalates the interior décor. Upon researching types of mattresses for décor, Vispring will definitely pop up as a suggestion. It is so fine-looking and made from the highest quality materials possible, hence increasing durability. Made of cotton, alpaca wool, cashmere, silk, and horsetail, you can imagine the comfort it will bring, not to mention it uses more than 4000 pocketed coils.

With the Masterpiece Superb model’s advent, you can customize your own piece and choose the type of fabrics and finishes you want. It can cost you anywhere between $40,000 and $75,000 but will provide you with a lifetime guarantee.

Hypnos mattresses
courtesy of Hypnos mattresses


Known for its luxury pocket springs beds and mattresses, Hypnos is a company based in Britain that has been proudly supplying their mattresses to Buckingham Palace for a significant amount of time. They were established in 1904, making them more than a century old now. 

Their signature style of mattress making includes the intelligent ReActive 10 pocket spring system with 10 turns to one spring coil. This technology improves support and makes the mattress sturdier yet comfortable. The soft parts are manufactured using viscose Belgian damask and wool. Hypnos mattresses are also known for their innovative styles of combining traditional styles with modern technologies, always enhancing the results. The Hypnos mattresses begin from $15,000, and they promise an endured longevity.

Casper Mattress
 courtesy of Casper Mattress


Casper is a common man’s mattress made up of 4 layers, primarily memory foam, latex, and polyfoam.

Such mattresses are much more durable and eco-friendlier when compared to spring mattresses. Visit to learn more about the difference between latex and spring mattressA special layer known as the comfort layer showcases an open-cell nature and keeps the mattress thoroughly cool by providing continuous airflow and proper mobility. A transition layer, also known as the Zoned Support, provides extra support to the shoulders and hips. It keeps your body lifted while you feel relaxed all the time. The design is unique and can satisfy both individual and combo sleepers together. Even though Casper mattresses are not as expensive as the other mattresses above, the quality, manufacturing style, materials used, and support provided will suffice.

While some of these are intolerably expensive, they are metaphorical clouds you can float on comfortably at the end of each tiring day and get the sleep of your lives, ready to fight the world with a fresh mind and body. People spend a fortune on mattresses and do not mind doing so because resting yourselves is extremely important, and it can turn out to be an investment of your lifetime.