Of all the cigars out there, the Romeo y Julieta brand feels the most English. Named after Shakespeare’s most loved tragedy and famously smoked by Sir Winston Churchill himself, they have a distinctly British vibe. 

However, they are, of course, a famous brand of Cuban cigars that achieved international fame in the early 20th century. 

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In this blog, the team from Swiss Cuban Cigars will look at the Romeo y Julieta (R&J) brand’s history, how it got so well-known, and just why Churchill loved them so much. 

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Here’s what the team has to say about the history and popularity of the R&J cigar range. 

Swiss Cuban Cigars on the R&J brand 

The only brand of premium cigars with a name directly derived from a Shakespeare play, the R&J line was established in 1875.

The brand was created by Manin Garcia and Inocencio Alvarez and, from 1885 to 1900, was a big hit with consumers. 

In fact, during those initial years, R&J won a number of awards at tasting exhibitions. This is commemorated even today with the brand’s logo comprising gold medals. 

Despite this early success, it wasn’t until it was acquired by another cigar expert – who also had the gift of the gab when it came to selling his products – Jose Fernandez. 

Promoting the brand while traveling Europe and the Americas

Jose ‘Pepin’ Rodriguez Fernandez was the head of the Havana Cabanas factory prior to acquiring the R&J brand in 1903. His company, Rodriguez Arguelles y Cia, owned the brand from then on. 

And this is where Fernandez came into his own. It turned out that he was an excellent salesman and was able to get his company name known wherever he traveled. 

During these years, he traveled extensively all over the Americas and all over Europe, including Spain. He actively promoted his brand the whole time and got many people interested in what he could offer. 

Great sales techniques grew the brand overseas

He extended his interests into the world of racing and entered his own horse, aptly named Julieta, in events all around the world. All of this naturally brought his service to the attention of cigar lovers all over the place. 

The brand fast became popular with wealthy consumers in particular – the kinds of qualified buyers that may have come across him at the races. These kinds of wealthier consumers routinely demanded their very own personalized cigars. 

Consequently, R&J became known for the largest selection of personalized cigars and shapes of cigars around at the time. 

Named for Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill 

As we mentioned earlier, one of the brand’s most famous and faithful adherents was Sir Winston Churchill himself. Following his visit to Havana in 1946, R&J named its flagship cigar after him. At seven inches long and with a 47-ring gauge, the Churchill remains very popular. 

Rodriguez died in the mid-1950s at the age of 88, after which the brand was nationalized by the new Cuban Government. 

Today, it is one of the top-selling brands in Cuba and is sold and distributed all around the world. 

Winston Churchill Cigar
Winston Churchill Cigar

New and old – the evolution of the brand

Fast forward to 2006, and Habanos SA launched the Robustos of the brand – the Short Churchill. This further cements Churchill’s place in the brand’s legacy, and this was followed by yet another vitola in 2010 with the launch of the Wide Churchills. 

Wide Churchills have a very wide 55-ring gauge and appeal to customers who really love to hold and smoke a thick cigar. 

Below we’ll have a closer look at five of the most popular vitolas offered by the brand. Cubans under this brand are generally of a mild to medium flavor that makes them ideal for the occasional smoker or for a cigar to relax with. 

Romeo y Julieta 1875

You’ve probably guessed by the year in its name that this Cuban commemorates the year the brand launched. 

Due to its milder flavor profile, this Cuban reviews well among occasional smokers or those who have tried it on a special occasion, for example. 

Expect a profile consisting of a pleasant mix of pepper, coffee, cream, and nuts all encased in an Indonesian wrapper. 

A great experience for aficionados or someone who has decided to give it a go, we think this cigar is a bit of an all-rounder. Prices vary according to the deal customers may find while searching the Internet, but sites aren’t always concerned with avoiding fake cigars. 

Our advice is to always use a site that lists fair and realistic prices, explains clearly how each box is the real thing and offers great quality Cubans. For buyers who have never smoked before, the number of websites out there can be confusing. 

At Swiss Cuban Cigars, we guaranteed not only that every box is high quality, that prices are fair and our service is second to none, but also that customers can read reviews before they decide to buy. 

Every review on the site is from a customer, who is giving an unbiased opinion on the quality of the box of cigars as well as the service, shipping, packaging, and everything else a potential customer may want to see. 


Arguably the most famous Cuban cigar of all time, Churchill was named for the war leader who visited Cuba a number of times. 

It was after his second visit to Cuba that the company decided to rename the 7inch, 47 gauge cigar the Churchill from its previous name Clemenceau. 

This cigar uses a tobacco mix from the world-famous Vuelta Abajo region that is located in the Pinar del Rio province. Climate, geology, and geography mix perfectly in this region on the far west of Cuba to grow the ideal tobacco that gives Churchill its flavor and character. 

Buying a box of Churchill’s is ideal for a wedding gift, but even more ideal to keep to yourself as a treat! The taste is smooth and the flavor profile is made up of espresso and chocolate with a slight citrus hint. 

Buy a box, leave it in your humidor for a few weeks and you will be ready to enjoy this authentic taste from Cuba. Absolutely worth the money and remember you’ll be smoking the exact cigar that Churchill himself loved!

Short Churchill 

This is one of the newer Habanos SA cigars in the R&J range. The Short Churchill made its debut in 2006 and is, of course, also named after Sir Winston. 

While it hasn’t been around for anywhere near as long as the full-size version, the Short Churchill has made its name as a smooth and rich smoking experience that is well worth the money. 

The first and third parts of the cigar have a herbal and grassy flavor, while the middle part of the cigar is earthy with spicy overtones. 

The Short Churchill is just 4.9 inches long, compared with the full size at 7 inches. Look out for reviews on the website that you choose to buy from, and as long as they are independent, they should give you a clear idea of the exact flavor profile and smoking experience that this cigar offers. 

Tacos LE 2018 

The Tacos LE 2018 is one of three limited editions and is a modern version of a classic shape – the 1970s Tacos Imperiale. 

Reviews praise its elegant length and the fact that it’s mild enough to be ideal for a new smoker as well as a Cuban cigar aficionado. 

It looks quite rustic thanks to its chocolatey wrapper and 6.6 inches long is a nice weight to hold. 

The Tacos are packed with vanilla, hay, and earthy scents with espresso flavors punctuated by a tiny hint of floral. 

When lit, however, the flavors give way to a creamy almondy taste backed up with cedar. The middle third offers more of a caramel-scented sweetness and only when you hit the final third, do you get a full-bodied depth of flavor. 

The cigar burns consistently and steadily and reviews particularly well with occasional smokers – think unwrapping the cellophane at Christmas parties and special events. 

How to avoid fake Cuban cigars

There is always a need to be careful when buying Cuban cigars from an online shop. The counterfeit market is always there and the Internet does allow it to spread every year. 

Companies that sell fake or counterfeit Cubans will usually show this through the packaging of the boxes, which can be checked relatively simply. 

Websites advertising Cuban cigars may not always be above board, so it’s always a good idea to stick with a website that is tried and tested. 

Swiss Cuban Cigars not only has the largest range available on the Internet, but the site also talks you through how to spot a fake product and how boxes should appear when sent out. 

Free shipping, fast delivery, and this kind of service help to make Swiss Cuban cigars stand out from the rest when it comes to buying boxes of Cubans. 

Range of Unbranded Cigars
Range of Unbranded Cigars

A classic brand and a classic smoke

It’s easy to see why Churchill loved these cigars, and we think that they are an accessible brand. 

So, if you’re searching the Internet for a gift, or for a box you hope will go down well with a cigar-lover, these are ideal. 

From the past to the present it seems like smokers can’t get enough of this classic, smooth, and moderately deep-flavored range of cigars. Try for yourself and see whether you agree. 

Our advice is always to only buy cigars from companies that can be verified by reviews and that are guaranteed not to be selling counterfeit cigars. 

Swiss Cuban Cigars is based in Spain and only sells quality products that are verifiably authentic.