Over 2 billion people worldwide spend their pastime playing video games through smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles. That has created a multi-billion-dollar market in creating video game accessories, which improve a player’s gaming experience. While players might not need gaming equipment to play casino with Magical Vegas promo code, some titles online require specialized equipment. 

Besides the game, everything else required to enjoy the gameplay is considered an accessory. Most of these accessories are inexpensive to buy, although some are available at a surprisingly high price. Here’s a collection of the world’s most expensive video game accessories available in the market today.

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Nintendo Wii Supreme – $481,000

Made 2.5 kilos of 22 karats of pure gold, Nintendo Wii Supreme is a single gaming system designed by Stuart Hughes from Goldstriker International. The system also features a 19.5-karat diamond encrusting its front button to enhance this limited-edition accessory’s elegance. 

The Wii Supreme is the world’s most expensive gaming accessory, with its development taking six months of excellent artistry. However, only three Nintendo Wii Supreme devices were made by the manufacturer.

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Playstation 3 Supreme – $323,000

The PS 3 Supreme represents over 90 days of hard work by legendary designers from Sony. This limited edition PlayStation 3 Supreme gaming console boasts a 1.6-kilo gold exterior and 58 pieces of diamond (0.5 karats) embellishment to make it worth the money.

The Emperor WorkStation Game - $40,000
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The Emperor WorkStation – $40,000

An office-like giant gaming station, the Workstation 200 provides a comfortable rawhide sitting lounger that includes a Playstation 3 gaming system, self-emitting illumination, an inbuilt LCD monitor, a 1080p DVD player, earphones, and a video recorder. These tinted characteristics guarantee that the user is fully content. 

XBox 360 Gold Game. Photo courtesy of the brand
Photo courtesy of the brand

Xbox 360 Gold – $36,000

While there are several expensive gaming accessories on the market, the Xbox 360 Gold is among the earliest after appearing on eBay in 2005. This gaming console features a layer of 24-karat gold front plate and an apposite commemorative inscription. As such, this gaming accessory is the ultimate upgrade from the generic Xbox 360. 

Diamond and Gold-Encrusted Game Boy – $29, 000

This diamond and gold-encrusted gaming accessory is the most elegant option for players looking for classic games in a unique package. The Gameboy features 18K solid gold, with diamond accents on its control buttons and original cables. The package also includes extra game cartridges with a blue leather display. Unfortunately, it’s the most expensive game accessory packing classic game titles.