Your designer luggage and curated selection of luxury travel accessories see you stylishly through VIP experiences. These elevated essentials add touches of comfort, convenience, and exclusivity at every leg of your trip.

From protecting your vital documents in a sleek passport wallet to tuning out travel noise with high-tech headphones, certain items make traveling better. Read on for a list of must-have accessories to elevate your next luxury getaway.

Passport Travel Wallet from Von Baer. Photo courtesy of brand
Passport Travel Wallet from Von Baer. Photo courtesy of brand

Leather Passport Wallet

A premium leather passport wallet keeps your documents organized and secure in a sophisticated style. We love this leather passport wallet from Von Baer, which contains a dedicated passport compartment, is RFID protected, and can be personalized with a custom monogram.

“Passport Travel Wallet from Von Baer”

Consider features like additional slots for cards, boarding passes, and cash. Go for full-grain Italian leather with hand-finished edges, as you would for a leather travel bag. Seek out RFID-blocking technology to protect your passport’s chip and defend against electronic theft. Monogramming adds a bespoke touch you’ll appreciate every time you travel.

Insider Tip: Pay attention to wallet dimensions to ensure they accommodate your passport with room to spare for other documents and currency based on your trip requirements. Utilize hidden pockets to separate big bills from smaller denominations discreetly.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Active noise-canceling headphones from esteemed audio brands allow you to focus on the in-flight movie or album you queued up, not the crying baby or engine roar three rows back. Prioritize advanced noise-canceling capabilities, long battery performance, optimum comfort, and audiophile-quality sound. For the ultimate experience, choose a pair with additional high-tech capabilities like Bluetooth pairing, touch controls, transparency mode, and wear detection.

Insider Tip: Before your trip, test headphones for a comfortable, secure, around-ear fit that optimizes noise isolation. Use ambient listening modes to pump in surrounding sounds when needed, like for in-flight announcements.

Cashmere Travel Wrap

The lightweight cashmere wrap is exceptionally soft, warm, and versatile. It transitions effortlessly from the airplane to the cruise ship deck to the resort lounge. Drape this ultra-plush layer around your shoulders or wrap yourself in it.

Premium cashmere offers superior softness and heat retention compared to standard wool. Seek out quality craftsmanship, timeless over trendy aesthetics, and thoughtful details like hand-finished edges.

Insider Tip: Double your wrap as a pillow or makeshift eye mask for napping in transit. You can save suitcase space by wearing it during flights. Review care instructions, as you need to wash cashmere carefully to avoid damaging the material.

Must Have Luxury Travel Accessories - Luggage. Photo source - AdobeStock 480196554. Provided by BS

Smart Luggage

Integrated tech makes today’s smart suitcases must-have luxury travel accessories. Built-in features like GPS tracking, USB charging, digital locks, and self-weighing capabilities simplify travel logistics.

Rigorously tested design handles the wear and tear of airport conveyors with lightweight durability. Splurge on premium materials like aircraft-grade aluminum or carbon fiber paired with smooth-running wheels and buttery leather accents. Choose a sleek, neutral exterior that never clashes.

Insider Tip: Use the integrated scale to avoid overpacking. For safety, set up the associated app to view your suitcase’s real-time location. Research airline smart luggage restrictions in advance regarding removable batteries.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

A portable Wi-Fi hotspot keeps you connected anywhere, eliminating roaming charges. Luxurious touches include lengthy battery life, rapid 4G LTE speeds, and an ultra-slim silhouette you can easily pocket when not relaying connections. Opt for substantial global data coverage with an international plan instead of solely domestic service.

Insider Tip: Secure your portable hotspot’s network with a password. To avoid going over the cap, monitor data usage closely. Share the connection judiciously once abroad to conserve bandwidth for your essential needs.

Smart Luggage, a must have luxury travel accessory. Photo source - AdobeStock 430499275. Provided by BS client

Tech Organizer

Prevent cluttering cables, chargers, and devices with a dedicated tech case as part of your luxury travel accessories. Multiple compartments keep everything neatly stowed yet easily accessible. Water-resistant, ballistic nylon protects against spills, while integrated USB ports enable charging on the move.

Organize devices of any size, plus accessories like power banks, headphones, and memory cards in specifically sized pockets. Consider RFID-blocking capabilities, too.

Insider Tip: Photograph how your organizer is packed to return gadgets to their correct places easily. Frequently clearing out pocket debris prevents buildup that may damage your devices.

Luxury Skincare Starter Kit

Humid vacation environments can wreak havoc on your skin. Avoid this with a curated starter set packing travel sizes of your luxury skincare essentials. Discover sets centered around ingredients like restorative thermal spring water, nourishing rose extract, or clarifying citrus oils. Various skincare experts design products that target skin complaints like dryness and hyperpigmentation in on-the-go formulas.

Insider Tip: Seek out skincare solutions tailored to your specific skin type, whether oily, dry, mature, or sensitive. After opening, apply products as quickly as possible to maintain efficacy. Always bring sunscreen, whether you’re traveling for summer vacation or winter break.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in a sustainable style with a collapsible, reusable water bottle on hand. Premium design details like stainless steel construction, vacuum insulation, and stylish colorways elevate these portable vessels above their foldable predecessors. Compared to plastic, metal better retains temperature, retains purity, and minimizes aftertaste. Silicone sleeves provide a protective, non-slip grip.

Insider Tip: Estimate your daily water needs before traveling to choose the appropriately sized bottle, generally 12-40 ounces. Use the included brush, if available, to thoroughly clean your bottle while adventuring to avoid bacterial buildup.


Curating luxury travel accessories elevates your jet-setting style and comfort. Essentials like a passport wallet, noise-canceling headphones, and cashmere wrap indulge transit time. Meanwhile, smart luggage, Wi-Fi hotspots, and a skincare kit simplify any journey. With these extras in tow, smooth sailing awaits your next dream destination.