The French luxury carmaker Bugatti is renowned for making phenomenal machines. The brand has become a flex whether it’s their cars, lifestyle, or watches, similar is the case with its latest collaboration with Asprey London, a famous jewelry designer.

Bugatti’s eldest son, Jean Bugatti, represented the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication in the pre-war era. He was the designer of a masterpiece, the Bugatti type 57 SC Atlantic, which was limited to only four such examples. Seven decades later, the iconic car influenced Bugatti’s designers and engineers to create one of the unique vehicles of the modern age: the one-off la Voiture Noire hyper sports car. Now, this contemporary Bugatti La Voiture Noire coupled with Asprey’s seamless blend of technological innovation and time-honored craftsmanship becomes a one-of-a-kind 24k rose gold sculpture – of which one would exist.

The Asprey Bugatti

Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of Bugatti International, said: “All Bugatti creations, from the Type 57 SC Atlantic that was infamously lost, to the contemporary La Voiture Noire, are designed to spark emotion, even when not being driven, as a static piece of automotive art. Timeless design is a fundamental philosophy at the core of Bugatti’s and Asprey’s vision. This exclusive partnership will enable Bugatti customers and enthusiasts to enjoy our design values from a new perspective through this stunning collection of objects d’art.”

The rose-gold sculpture stands on a bespoke handcrafted base. The sculpture would approximately take four months to complete, featuring the two companies’ signature colors- silver, purple, gold, and blue. This ultra-exclusive object will be crafted in-house by Asprey London’s artisans. It will have an accompanying NFT linked to the physical masterpiece visually and via a QR code and unique serial identifier. The collection also features a series of 261 smaller yet highly exclusive sterling silver sculptures, each with NFTs linked similarly. The physical sculptures will feature different color bases depending upon the NFT minted.

Ali Walker, Chief Creative Officer at Asprey’s Digital Studio, said: “This year, at Asprey, we celebrate our 241st anniversary. The Asprey Digital Studio and the newly expanded London workshop herald a new era. The partnership with Bugatti, an iconic and artistic brand, is the ultimate collaboration to explore new production and artistic techniques. The bold colors mixed with precious gold and silver metals create a vivid pop art theme. As for the “Noire”, only the buyer of the 1 of 1 will know that.”

The exclusive collection will be released in March on